Fiery Hearts – Signed


Fiery Hearts: Bedtime Stories for the Passionate and the Adventurous by Marlayna Fire (Cheryl’s pen name).

This is a signed hardcover edition.

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What happens when a mystic pens hot bedtime reads?

Sacred Hot!


Because spirituality is entwined with sensuality.

Merging the celestial with the intimate, soul passion is always Sacred Hot.

Sacred Hot Quickies are bedtime short stories for exploring the deep range of shared connection on every level body, mind, heart, and soul.

These short stories are for those who feel like passion and love help you grow on a spiritual level.

Every story explores the emotional journey, the relationship unfolding, and, of course, the hot stuff between two people.

This collection, Fiery Hearts, has fourteen short stories — some a longer, deeper journey, others short and sweet.

Dive into the power of soul-led encounters and how we’re shaped, molded, and forever changed by their unlimited heat.

Read with your honey or enjoy on your own to experience your Sacred Hot tonight!  


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