Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection


Thirty handcrafted Gemstone Guardian charms with either a sterling silver necklace or bracelet for personal connection with the beauty of this amazing gemstone energy.

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Thirty handcrafted Gemstone Guardian charms with either a sterling silver necklace or bracelet for personal connection with the beauty of this amazing gemstone energy.

Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection is a dream come true for me! Here’s the story:

Creating my book, Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians, has been an incredible journey!

As I worked with each Guardian, I thought about how to share the energy beyond the book.

When I work with gemstone energy, I really like wearing the gemstone in some fashion or having it close by as a way to really get to know and understand our connection. I thought about bracelets and grab bags, necklaces and pieces of this and that.

One day, chatting with a student who is also a fabulous jewelry maker (see Gemstones and Stardust), I thought to get a couple of suggestions.

Within the synchrony that has surrounded this journey from the beginning, Leigh (the awesome jeweler) had amazing suggestions. I felt I had found what my heart had sought through the months of creation.

Here’s Leigh’s design:

A set of charms (or tiny pendants) — one each for the thirty Gemstone Guardians.

A silver necklace using a technique called viking knit. Also, a bracelet of the same design.

Designed with a clasp, the charms can be attached to either the bracelet or the necklace.


In fact, I love this design so much, I commissioned multiple sets of both the bracelet with the charms and the necklace with the charms for students, clients, and whoever else might be as excited as I am.

What’s in the Jewelry Collection?

The Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection has two options: a necklace or a bracelet.

The Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection Necklace comes with its own set of 30 charms – one for each Gemstone Guardian. Each charm has its own design to make it easier to identify the gemstone. Plus, I will send you a picture of each charm with the gemstone named. The charms are in a glass covered box with labels for each gemstone.

The Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection Bracelet comes with its own set of 30 charms as well. Same glass covered box with labels and pictures of each charm.

Here’s the idea!

You can learn about the energy of the gemstones by attaching the charm to your necklace or bracelet. Plus, it’s fun as you get to know them individually to combine the charms with each other. Multiple charms may be attached to both the Necklace and Bracelet.

Plus, each set also includes signed, hardcover copies of Akashic Records: Gemstone Guardians and the companion Gemstone Guardians Journal. Plus a set of my Gemstone Guardians Healing Message Cards.

With the book and the cards, you can learn about each Gemstone Guardian. The journal is a great place to keep track of your journey and see more information by working with the questions in the book from each Guardian.

What I’ve been doing is pulling a card from the Healing Message Cards, putting that charm on my necklace and using the message of the Gemstone Guardian in my awareness and plan for the day.

I have also been combining several charms together at a time to amplify the energy. Because I also work in the Akashic Records, I am using this connection to learn more about what can assist me at different times and which charms are good to group together for me.

If you don’t work in the Akashic Records — not to worry. You will find all the information and messages in the book. Or you can work with me through a Gemstone Guardians Akashic Record Reading.

Add a Reading to your Jewelry Collection and save 25% on the Reading!

Here’s a Introduction to the Gemstone Guardians Jewelry Collection


Here are all thirty Gemstone Guardians Charms — when you order the collection you will receive one of each!

SHIPPING TIMES: Because this jewelry is made to order, please allow at least 3 weeks for the delivery of your order. When I receive your order, I will reach out and let you know when to expect shipment.



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