How Can Affirmations Change Your Life? – Signed


How Can Affirmation Change Your Life?: Calm Your Critical Voice, Reverse Negative Self Belief, and Claim New Purpose with 52 Weeks of Affirmations by Cheryl Marlene

This is a signed paperback (there is no hardcover).

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Affirmations make a great place to begin your journey!

Here’s why:

When you change the flow and approach to your life, you transform.

Because this is your effort, your experience, and your responsibility, transformation is personal – as well as life changing.

So much is written about personal transformation that it can seem like an impossible task.

At least that’s what I used to think until one day I found out the secret.

Personal transformation begins with one step.

Just one step.

And it doesn’t have to be big or long or deep.

One sentence said out loud.

A sentence which describes the energy of the new you.

Repeated at the beginning, middle, and end of your day.

Affirmations can help you begin your process of personal transformation.

Just one sentence – almost sounded too good to be true.

When I tried it, everything changed.

When you change the flow and approach to your life, you transform.

Through this simple effort, experience and taking responsibility for the direction of your thoughts, you shift.

It’s deeply personal and life changing.

Affirmations don’t solve everything – though that’s not the intention anyway.

They help you get started. See clearly what you want. Create the intention for change.

The intention is simple. Take the first step – and affirmations can help.

Begin the change you want for yourself now – add affirmations to your daily practice today!



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