Many Paths, One Mountain

//Many Paths, One Mountain

Many Paths, One Mountain


Spiritual Journey and Practice for the Serious Spiritual Seeker
The Five Steps of the Spiritual Journey
Deeper understanding of your spiritual practice in the Akashic Records

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Many Paths, One Mountain

Spiritual Journey and Practice in the Akashic Records

Your spiritual journey is exploration and adventure into the best of who you are and can become. ?As you let go of out-dated belief, fear, expectation and judgment, life as spiritual journey helps uncover your wholeness and balance, your truth, trust and love.

Spiritual journey embraces your heart, integrates your soul, and brings mind and body together as one. ?This book is a guide for your spiritual journey and practice., helping you navigate the five steps:

  • The Call: ?Hearing Spirit within
  • Preparation: ?Making room for Spirit to dwell
  • Initiation: ?Receiving gifts of Spirit
  • Transformation: Letting Spirit guide
  • Integration: ?Heart and mind as One with Spirit


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