Open Your Akashic Records – Signed


Open Your Akashic Records: Trust Your Truth, Open Your Heart to Deep Knowing, and Find Your Soul’s Spiritual Practice by Cheryl Marlene

This is a signed copy of the paperback (there is no hardcover).

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Learning to Open Your Akashic Records often feels like coming home.

Whether you’re seeking a deeper connection to divine guidance, searching for the next step on your spiritual journey, or answering the call to explore the universe’s greatest mysteries, the Akashic Records can guide and support you.

You can open your own Akashic Records by learning this simple, easy-to-follow process created by futurist and master Akashic Records teacher Cheryl Marlene.

Through a series of easy-to-digest lessons, Open Your Akashic Records guides you through a process of exploration, self-discovery, and deep work that will have a transformative impact on your life. You’ll learn:

  • What the Akashic Records are;
  • The role of energy, and other important concepts within the Akashic Records;
  • The exact process to open your own Akashic Records, including a visualization and blessing;
  • A series of agreements to guide your work within the Records in a safe and ethical way;
  • The process for interacting with the Records to answer questions, access support during difficult times, and heal the most challenging issues in your life;
  • How to work in the Records to explore your life’s purpose, soul’s journey, destiny, and much more;
  • How to go deeper in transformative work in the Records, through a series of 65 lessons which invite you to explore topics ranging from fear to balance to healing.

This book provides all the tools you need to open your Akashic Records. Deepen your practice and understanding through exercises, readings, and question sets developed over two decades teaching thousands of students this process.

Even students with prior experience in the Akashic Records will learn a whole new perspective on how the Records work, and the possibilities for interacting with them.

Are you ready to take the first step toward deeper clarity, divine connection, and exploring life’s possibilities?

Get started today and Open Your Akashic Records!


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