Sacred Hot Beginnings – Signed


Sacred Hot Beginnings: How a Fifty-Something Divorced Woman Left a Lonely Marriage to Discover Sacred Relationship by Marlayna Fire (Cheryl’s pen name).

This is a signed copy of the paperback (there is no hardcover).

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Have you ever felt alone inside a relationship or yearned for the kind of earth-shattering sexual and romantic connection that helps you better understand the universe?

Have you ever felt like sex, passion, and love helped you grow on a spiritual level? Or hoped for that primal connection to open you up to greater possibilities, taught you more about yourself, and helped you see the world in whole new ways? If so, you’re not alone. After 25 years in a lonely marriage, I took a journey into the high seas of online dating, hoping to find the answers to these questions and learned:

Who you are spiritually is not separate from who you are sexually.

The celestial and the intimate merge to support happiness and satisfaction on all levels body, mind, heart, and soul. This awareness had a profound healing effect for me and turned my intimate life from blah and meh to awesome fulfillment. Along the way, I discovered how many people felt the same needs, curiosity, and calling, and founded Journey with me through that first year of online dating – ups and downs, the insights and the incidents in Sacred Hot Beginnings. Learn how sex, passion, and love can help you grow on all levels. Like me, you too, can go kissing frogs and find yourself!  


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