The New Akashic Records – Signed


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Looking for a deep understanding of the history and nature of the Akashic Records?

Ever wonder why they are associated with the Book of Life?

The New Akashic Records is an advanced and complex investigation of the nature and history of the Akashic Records. Think graduate-level text.

On one hand, is an in-depth, mystical explanation of the energy dynamics of the Akashic Records as understood from the soul’s perspective.

On the other is a thorough investigation of the metaphors associated with the Akashic Records including the Book of Life and an information storehouse of all past, present, and future.

From the Greeks to quantum physics, from ancient Sumeria to the modern day pioneers of the Akashic Records, from Akasha to Aether, every stone has been considered to give you a modern interpretation of this ancient spiritual practice.

Most importantly, this incredibly powerful book transcends the limits of outdated beliefs about what the Akashic Records can do, expanding perspective from only being a source of information of past lives to a powerfully transcendent and dynamic process of healing and spiritual practice.

This is a book for the serious spiritual seeker. This is not a how-to book nor is it an easy read.

Based on over two decades of research and experience, Cheryl Marlene, master teacher and the world’s expert on the Akashic Records, provides an incredible scope to view the Akashic Records within the lens of history and the heart of a mystic.

This is the third edition and is closely based on the 2010 edition which won the Montaigne Medal as a book which illuminates and progresses new thought.

As a part of the series The Akashic Records Library Collection, this book is a perfect companion to Cheryl’s signature classic The Akashic Records Masterclass.