Psychedelics and Unity Consciousness

In this exchange with the Founders of the Akashic Records, they answer this question: Is using psychedelics a way to access Unity Consciousness?

In a way, yes. It depends on the substance because they’re not all the same, and they’re not intended to be all the same. Some historically have been used for different reasons. And those reasons are embedded a bit in the substance itself. They’re referring to the difference between like say, peyote and ayahuasca as compared to synthetics. Not anything wrong. But what they do is give a very clear awareness of the potential of connecting with Unity Consciousness.

This is where it gets to intention. Because it’s the difference between, let’s say, the Akashic Records and doing a shamanic journey. In a sense, the shamanic journey is more like the psychedelics than the psychedelics are like the Akashic Records. And that’s because of the intention. In shamanic journeying, you end up in a space right at the veil, or right at the edge between Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality. This is a space created over time by shamans. It’s pulling in awareness and information and experience into a energetic space that has been created through a particular type of intention.

In shamanism, one of the first things you learn is the difference between the lower world and the upper world. Those are both created spaces. With psychedelics, because they tend to work biomechanically, they’re affecting the physical parts of our brains or awarenesses. They are also getting to this edge between Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality and showing us the possibility of connection in Non-Physical Reality.

All of the different physical layers, beyond the astral, beyond the etheric beyond that in the causal fields — beyond all of this — because as far as the Records are concerned, those are still part of Physical Reality. And it’s showing you how your brain — essentially your awareness or your consciousness — how to go beyond physical reality and that you have that capacity. It’s also showing you the multi-dimensionality of Physical Reality and Non-Physical Reality. Opening your mind, basically, to the possibilities that you’re not limited to the linear perspective, to the static perspective. It’s opening doors.

Psychedelics have a shifting effect on people’s brains similar to how we go into the Records. We’re sending our conscious awareness into Non-Physical Reality which is all potential and creates an energetic system that wants to come to balance. And because 100% potential our energy is raised into resonance with 100% potential. When someone uses a psychedelic, that same sort of resonance happens.

It’s partly why the brain ends up with both an energetic shift and a biomechanical shift. It affects how the synapses work in the brain.

There’s a clearing process, almost like it’s getting rid of damage, getting rid of garbage. It’s cleaning things up a little bit and it brings clarity. The picture that they’re showing me — think of neurons, nerve endings, where there’s a synapse. It’s an electrical impulse that jumps across that gap, even though it’s teeny, teeny tiny. The effect of the psychedelics is that before you’ve taken it, that jump would have had to gone through trash. The psychedelics help clean up the trash so that the jump is clear. It doesn’t have to push through anything or jump over something. It’s just this clear motion from one point to to another. That’s partly why they’re using psychedelics now. I’m not a medical professional, and doctors probably wouldn’t explain it like this.

However, the Records are saying psychedelics ends up having both physical and spiritual impact on the person who takes it. They are helping the body let go of habit it can’t have what we would think of as higher level spiritual consciousness. The psychedelics are basically training people to and helping them understand what it means to be physically-spiritually integrated.

This is why there’s been an interest or research in psychedelics and has a lot to do with the research on the effects of aging. They’re starting to realize that there’s been a lot of misunderstanding about what keeps an older brain clear and why we’re looking at it. Now, a lot of this has been looked at in a way that is much less influenced by dogma or very strong old timey medicine kinds of opinions about how things should or shouldn’t work. There’s a lot of this that they’ve actually known for a long time but hasn’t become public because of the reaction.

The choices over public health policy in say the 30s, the 40s, the 50s, the 60s, into the 70s and in not just the United States, mainly the Western world or first world countries. It had to do with how do you control the population? And the perception was — oh, I get it — because essentially, psychedelics represent the unknown. They represent the unexpected. And in terms of public policy, how do you deal with the unexpected with a couple billion people?

One of the best ways to do that, at least that was the idea back then, was to limit the use and to call a whole bunch of it illegal. And part of it was because at the time, they didn’t quite understand it all. And it also had to do with money. So, a lot of this is being revisited now. And people are coming to different ideas because it’s not as unknown as they thought it was. Like, it doesn’t immediately turn us all into drug addicts. Not that that isn’t possible, but it’s not necessarily the outcome for people. So, it’s kind of all working itself out.

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