The Purpose of Soul Calling

The Purpose of Soul Calling offers an alternative to the more narrow concept of soul purpose. Instead of something you must be told, soul calling is answering the desire within your heart. Let me go into this a bit deeper.

Earth is going through a fundamental energetic shift which is changing the agreements of what it means to be human. The major motion is a shift in perspective from a physically-dominated point of view to an integrated spiritual-physical point of view. This shifts the experience of being human and opens doors to a new way of experiencing Earth from both a physical and a spiritual point of view.

Within this this shift, physical expressions are changing, allowing for this new spiritual potential to express. To have experienced this level of spiritual awareness in the last 2000 years or so, humans typically needed to let go of their physical bodies and engage with this level of soul awareness outside of Physical Reality. This new shift now supports those willing to open to this new integration between spiritual and physical to have soul-level experience and learning within Physical Reality without letting go of their bodies. Not a new world order — but a new world. New dimensions of energy flow are being unveiled, new expression is stepping forward. The veil is unveiling.

Emergence of Soul Truth

One of the biggest shifts is how the depth of the Soul can now be experienced within a physical body. Thus soul experience is becoming more apparent especially through Soul Truth as seen within these four aspects: Soul Calling, Soul Pattern, Soul Binding, and Soul Fragment. This is a very important and impactful move away from Karma as an intense focus on linear cause and effect. This loosening in favor of an expansive point of view moves out of linear time dominance into non-linear awareness. Linear karma contracts are finishing as this point of view shifts, opening for new ways to understand and interact with the soul’s purpose, experience and understanding.

Origin of the Soul

In the Genesis moment of soul birth and emergence, the Soul dances in divine light accepting and engaging the attention of and from All That Is. In this moment of divine attention, the soul’s first experience of Love, the soul glimpses the entirety of its potential within the infinite and eternal flow. Within this incredible view the soul feels a pull, an invitation, a Call to follow and explore.

The Soul is not a flat entity but instead a flow of energy across the infinite and eternal flow of All That Is. Think of All That Is as an ocean: all waves go through the entire ocean and not just a portion of the ocean. The wave flows from divine potential to physical form. All along the wave, the Soul can focus awareness. At any point on the wave, the perspective or point of view will be different. Seeing things as contracts and agreements is one point of view, though more linear in perspective than other points of view. Not wrong or right, simply a point of view.

As humanity progresses, the understanding of this broad perspective will shift and humans will begin to look beyond the linear into the infinite and eternal and begin to live their lives from this integrated perspective.

The Purpose of Soul Calling

In a linear view, Soul Calling is about finding an exact, often pre-defined path or manner of existence to follow and fulfill. Within non-linear awareness, Soul Calling offers a path into full physical-spiritual integration. The linear view limits focus to an end; the non-linear view is open always to the infinite opportunity of this step now on the journey. One focuses on location, the other on presence. One demands answers, the other seeks knowing (or the ability to be aware of how the known emerges from the unknown and the unknowable).

Soul Calling is the flow of energy from All That Is which illuminates the potential of this moment for your Soul. Soul Calling brings forward the knowing of your soul and your soul’s highest potential in this moment now. Soul Calling is not answer but support for reaching the depth and expanse of your soul’s expression within this new physical-spiritual integration.

Soul Calling both ignites and responds to this motion and calls forth in you a response. This response by being divinely inspired may cause confusion and anxiety, as the reasons for this motion may not be easily understandable coming as they are from new expressions and potentials of energy. Soul Calling in this time is your soul’s deepest response to the new world unfolding before you and within you.

Reaching deep into the One-Source, Soul Calling leads your heart to claim these unfolding infinite and eternal possibilities. You are all here now, answering this powerful Call: to be witness to the unfolding, to participate in the unveiling, to answer the depths of your Soul’s Calling forth within the infinite and eternal expression of All That Is.

As the unfolding progresses, your life will shift and you will feel within you a deepening of understanding. You will also experience a quickening — meaning that the fertility of your soul will empower you to respond more rapidly to the motion of this shift as you gain momentum.

The anxiety around you is the worry of not keeping up, being left behind and is the experience of some souls. Look toward possibility and release focus on what should be. Allow Soul Calling to guide you, trust Calling to navigate this shift and challenge your mind and heart to move beyond linear perception.

Soul Calling is the energy of your Soul guiding you
into the new world of full physical-spiritual integration.

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