Offering Quality in the Akashic Records

Is there such a thing as a good or bad Akashic Record Reading?

No, providing a Reading for Other is not about good or bad.

Providing an Akashic Record Reading is about quality.

Enrichment as a Reader with Offering Quality in the Akashic Records Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

Quality in the Akashic Records is an independent Level Three study program to investigate the hidden corners and the deeper layers of self as someone who opens the Akashic Records for Other.

In learning within the Akashic Records, very little value comes to either Reader or Receiver in trying to offer a “good” Reading or to judge a Reading as either good or bad.

As the Reader, you can clearly and deeply transmit allowing nothing of your stuff to interfere with the flow — and the Receiver can be hugely disappointed for reasons which have nothing to do with you as the Reader.

Besides, good/bad is a judgment which distorts possibility and shifts valuation to an outside source.

The Reader is charged with keeping their stuff out of the Reading for Other. Thus, quality is about the inner awareness of the Reader and their ability to step around their stuff in the course of the Reading.

Quality is the concept of focusing on your highest expression as a Reader within the Akashic Records and engaging in improvement as an inner process of awareness and learning.

Quality in the Akashic Records is a learning opportunity within the Akashic Records for self-evaluation of the process of giving an Akashic Record Reading.

The intention of the workshop is not to create a particular type of Reader. Instead the intention is to help you understand YOU as a Reader, helping you release whatever might be in the way of your being and becoming the highest expression of you within the Akashic Records.

Thus the process, the journey, of the workshop is unique to each student.

I am here as guide as you step into new understanding and clarity.

Quality in the Akashic Records

This workshop is currently offered as a Level Three independent study program using my book Healing in the Akashic Records and audio and video recording of online workshops. Support is available through Master Class and, optionally, through Private Study. As a current student, practice can be completed in Reading Exchange.


Successful completion of Level One and Level Two

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