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About Ralitsa Ivanova

Ralitsa Ivanova

Ralitsa Ivanova

Ralitsa Ivanova is an Akashic Record Reader.

Ralitsa has been working with the Akashic Records for two years both by receiving readings from Cheryl and studying intensively in the School.

Ralitsa has over 10 years experience as a consultant helping Bulgarian and other European production and R&D companies in obtaining European Union grants. With more than 100 successfully funded projects, her work has contributed significantly to the Bulgairan economy. She has a Master’s degree in Finance and is an official trademark and patent attorney for Bulgaria and the European Union.

Her passion in discovering new and different approaches for everything. Plus her curiosity and constant desire to know more has lead her to the Akashic Records as a supportive source of knowledge and truth.

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I love innovations. Everywhere. In all aspects. And I love helping others promote and realize their ideas.

I was born in 1975 in Bulgaria at a time that it was still a Communist country. Almost everything was almost impossible: hard to travel abroad, hard to study if your parents were not members of the Communist party, hard to develop yourself. After studying, the “authorities” would tell you where you would work regardless of skill or interest. Religion was forbidden. Nothing was private. Everything belonged to the State and the leading political party — which was one and the same for 45 years. Though I have very nice memories of my childhood probably because as a child I did not fully understand the situation.

I am lucky to have parents who were brave enough to find ways beyond the “system.” As they developed themselves they showed me and my brother how we could follow our dreams. My father was a teacher of French and a translator. Because of this, when I was about 2 months old, we lived Tunisia where he worked at the Bulgarian embassy. My mother’s first education was as a chemist, but then she studied economy and Intellectual property law. To this day she is one of the best patent and trademark attorneys in Bulgaria.

In 1989, democracy came just as I was accepted to study in the English language school. This change in the political system brought social changes. Life was still hard but yet offering new opportunities and choices. There were years when the shops were empty, the only available products were bread, milk, beans and lentils. Transforming consciousness within this new reality and these new possibilities was challenging. Until 1989, private business was not allowed and there were no laws regulating business. Then, suddenly, we, in Bulgaria, were allowed to develop our own businesses.

I created my first company in 1994. And though very expensive, I learned to use the Internet and to have a computer at home. I began to translate materials and articles from English into Bulgarian and sold the translations to magazines and newspapers. At the same time I was studying Finance and working for different companies. As I graduated with my Master’s degree, the Government made the decision that Bulgaria would join the European Union. This began a new phase which offered me new opportunities especially in funding possibilities for business development in Bulgaria and within the European Union. In the process I also became a Bulgarian and European trademark and patent attorney. Nowadays I am still writing and managing projects, consulting with the biggest Bulgarian production companies, helping them develop and implement innovative products, technologies and strategies.

Three years ago I started to look for answers to questions that have always been interesting for me including: “Who am I? Why am I right here right now? What is the meaning of life? Is this the only life we have and what happens after?” Questions, so many questions!

I found that the answers of religion were not enough for me. I explored various spiritual practices offered in Bulgaria and none of them answered my questions. Not my thing. I began to look further. One day, my husband shared with me some information he found about the Akashic Records. I started my own exploration and found Cheryl. She quickly and with detail answered all the questions that I had about the Akashic Records. And that somehow touched me. I read her books and was impressed. Not only that I found some answers but also understood how many more questions may be asked. Then I had no thought where this exploration would lead me.

Even after my first Reading, I was ready to learn how to work with the Akashic Records. Excited to learn with Cheryl, I entered the Sage Path Intensive and learned to open the Akashic Records for myself and for Other. And I felt it was finally (and already) my thing! As a student with Cheryl, I have studied with amazing people. Our studies are not only useful but great fun and pleasure.

Now there is no way to stop studying as I am constantly seeing how much more is out there to learn and explore. And now I know I will not stop studying and working in the Records. The scope of my studies has helped me develop confidence. In every reading I give, I am doing my best to transmit the information as fully and clearly as it is provided.

I still live in Bulgaria. With deep gratitude, I have a great family – a husband and a daughter who I love with all my heart. We love to travel, visiting medieval castles and zoos everywhere we go. I am really happy to have this all!

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