Reading Exchange

Looking for a community where you can practice opening the Akashic Records for Other?

Ready to connect with others who share your excitement?

Connection and community with Reading Exchange with Cheryl Marlene

Every student is in the same boat: your only possibilities to practice opening for Other are family and friends.

We love them — but this is the absolute worst place to get practice in the Akashic Records.

The new student needs practice partners where the emotional stakes are low and the consequences of a Reading do not involve the loss of a relationship.

Reading Exchange offers a community of students eager to share and connect together as you both learn to expand within your studies of the Akashic Records.

Reading Exchange is only for my Akashic Records Mastery students registered in Level Two and above.

To participate, you also must agree to abide by your Akashic Records Agreements and my Community Agreements.

The Reading Exchange is offered online as a course. In this course you find names and email addresses of other students wanting to share partner practices.

Because my students are from around the world, I highly recommend that you use Skype or Zoom to connect with others.

Pre-requisites: Registration in Level Two workshop and above.

Straight Talk:

Reading Exchange is governed by the Agreements set forth in my Terms of Service. Participation indicates your knowledge of and willingness to abide by these Agreements.

As with all of my learning opportunities, the expectation is that you are able to make your way through on your own initiative in this workshop.

To participate in Reading Exchange, you must be registered in Level Two or Level Three of Akashic Records Mastery.

When you register, you will receive information about enrolling in Reading Exchange.

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