Welcome to the Sage Path!

Thank you for accepting our invitation to Soul Truth!

Here’s what’s next!

Step One:

Please schedule a 15-minute Check-in phone call with Cheryl from her scheduling page.
In this phone call Cheryl will answer any questions you might have, explain how Matrix (our online learning system) works and schedule your 30-minute Akashic Record Reading and first Level 100 workshop meeting with her.

Step Two:

If you haven’t already, please purchase both of Cheryl’s books about the Akashic Records: The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain — both available through the?Store or on Amazon. ?You do not need to read all of either of these books to begin study. ?In the course of your studies, you will be guided to read specific sections.

Step Three:

Check your email for two messages from Cheryl. The first is an automatic confirmation of your Sage Path Registration and contains everything you entered in the form. The second message is one Cheryl sends personally when she receives your Registration and contains a guide to getting started in the Sage Path. (May take up to 72 hours to send this depending on when you submit your registration.) ?Please have a copy of this available during your 15-Minute Check-in with Cheryl.

Step Four:

Your first payment is due upon Registration. If you choose Monthly Payments, your next payment will be due the first of the month following Registration. Please make your payment by using one of these options depending on the Sage Path program and payment option you have chosen.

Sage Path
Non-refundable Deposit
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Sage Path
Full One-Time Payment[product id=”19874″]
Sage Path Intensive
Non-refundable Deposit[product id=”19875″]
Sage Path Intensive
Full One-Time Payment[product id=”19877″]

Financial Agreements:

Please refer to the information provided in the Sage Path Program Description.