Releasing Trauma within an Akashic Record Reading

Releasing Trauma in an Akashic Records Reading is one of several articles that I have written to describe some of the possibilities for exploration and personal growth within an Akashic Records Reading.

“Why am I afraid of water, especially swimming pools?”

I could hear the tension in Annie’s voice as this new client asked her first question.

I looked to her Akashic Records for response and was shown the wall which she felt when she tried to find a reasonable explanation to her impasse.

With guidance from the Akashic Records, we drilled down into the energy of the fear, into the origins, and into the events which held the beginning of her fear of water.

There was much that was very unpleasant and challenging.

She hesitated and, in several moments, considered pulling back and stopping.

Each time she told herself that now was the time to figure out what had bothered her all her life.

Her Akashic Records had me explain the difference between breakdown and breakthrough.

In breakdown, life feels like it is shattering, failing, ending. No hope, no resolution, no matter the effort.

In contrast, with breakthrough, the falling apart is a release to move into new understanding and shift to a new perspective of life.

The difference between the two may feel very similar. However, energetically one is the sense of falling apart without hope and the other a slow inching towards a new horizon.

Annie’s Records wanted to reassure her that she was going through breakthrough rather than breakdown – that there was light at the end of her tunnel.

Within the Akashic Records trauma is understood as frozen energy.

When an event occurs which cannot be comprehended, or the consequences cannot be intellectually or emotionally tolerated, the energetic motion of the event freezes within the individual.

Said another way, in a traumatic event, fear and pain cannot be managed and integrated within the normal motion of life.

The frozen energy is held within the body but outside or at the edges of awareness.

Sometimes the frozen energy is jettisoned from the physical body and held within the outer layers of the person’s energy field. In the Akashic Records, I often see this as a balloon tethered to the body.

The purpose of freezing is to protect, to deflect pain, and to provide distance so that the conscious awareness of the individual is not overwhelmed.

Especially in the presence of deep trauma or dangerous, violent events, this is a healthy, protective, response, deferring awareness to a time when the individual can cope.

However, over time, frozen energy can create odd physical responses. For example, pain, a lack of feeling or numbness, or panicked responses triggered by recurring events.

Frozen energy can also be the root of personal beliefs, stories, or fears where the origin is lost.

Over time, the fear the story, the pain may push at consciousness wanting attention or resolution.

Embedded outside of direct awareness, the logic of the intellect will have a hard time making sense, explaining, or finding a helpful release path.

Eventually the push for release will become so insistent that the individual will look for assistance to let go of the push and the strain of holding that which makes no logical sense but demands attention.

That’s exactly what Annie said after asking her question.

“I don’t understand this fear. I have no problem with water on the beach. I have no hesitation to run into the surf. But get me around a swimming pool, I get nauseous, my back hurts, and I have a hard time catching my breath.”

She had all the signs of trauma including:

  • Awareness of a weird fear
  • Physical responses she couldn’t explain
  • An unrelenting push on her awareness.

Annie felt driven to find resolution. Yet, after all she had tried, she had come to the realization that logic was getting her nowhere.

This is the paradox of trauma. The path of release rests outside of common sense and rational analysis.

I asked her if she was ready to let go.

“Absolutely,” she responded. “There is a huge weight on me. I am ready to let it go. Now!”

The Akashic Records guided her down a path of release which engaged the wisdom of her heart.

We addressed her sense of failure, her inability to forgive herself for any reason, and her fear of water.

The origin event was witnessing the drowning in the family swimming pool of her four-year-old brother when she was six years old. An event where there was literally nothing she could have done, but misunderstood words by adults led her to believe otherwise.

In her release, the Akashic Records helped her understand the truth of the situation and the worth of her being.

As I do any time I open the Akashic Records for another, I stood witness and held sacred space for this woman as her life shifted and she stepped into her center of healing balance.

Fears vanquished. Personal stories adjusted to support a new approach to life within the truth of a new way of being.

Releasing trauma within any Akashic Record Reading often begins with tracing the origin of fear and pain, acknowledging the supporting stories, and identifying where the frozen energy is held.

The Akashic Records then describe the release path helping the individual to claim the gifts of understanding and instilling new energy to support the truth in this moment and the shift into healing balance.

With courage, the guidance of the Reading brings the peace of clear understanding to the individual who seeks to release their fear, resolve long-held dilemmas, and answer questions common sense could not.

The release lightens the load, clears the edges of awareness, and restores balance.

Optimism returns and life is filled with new possibility and direction.

To experience the release of trauma within the Akashic Record Reading, the beginning point is your worries and fears, a subtle sense that something isn’t quite right, unrelenting pain or numbness. These aren’t always caused by trauma, but this is the point to begin.

Here are a couple of questions I suggest for the release of trauma:

Why do I have this fear? [name the fear]

What is my deepest fear and its source?

Why do I respond unthinkingly in this situation? [describe situation]

How can I release the trauma around this event? [describe event]

Is this feeling related to a traumatic event of which I am not conscious? [describe feeling]

Why have I been afraid of this my whole life? [describe this]

Releasing Trauma within an Akashic Record Reading is one of several articles I have written to describe some of the possibilities within an Akashic Record Reading with me.

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