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Discount for the Times!

If would like to explore what’s going on in your life right and are needing to mind your budget, I am providing the following discounts:

New Client Package – 45 minute Reading + two books = $99

Reading by Donation – 30 minute Reading at greatly reduced minimum charge of $40 plus whatever you want to donate.

Reading Package – Three 60-minute Readings for $450. Value $750. Use coupon code 3FOR450

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During these challenging times, of “essential and non-essential work” one is confronted with what truly is essential. The work that Cheryl is providing during these times is, with out any doubt, essential. Times are challenging, our world is shifting rapidly, and nothing is as it appears on the surface. Cheryl, time and again succeeds in providing a piercing perspective, in a language of truth that arrives at the heart of your situation. I’ve been working with Cheryl now for 4 years and every experience offers invaluable wisdom for what I’m presently confronting.

Clare, Delaware

I must admit I’ve been chewing on it pretty hard on I all I learned in my Reading — consistently still stripping down all the protective layers I’ve been piling on myself all these years. Thank you for showing me how to release myself!

S. C., North Carolina

I give Cheryl my highest recommendation. I’d say that working with her is like having decades of therapy, rolled into a single session. Sometimes, it feels like a therapy session and exorcism all in one (in the best way, haha)! But seriously, I began as her client and quickly became her student. She’ll show you that there’s more to the universe than you imagined or dared to hope. She’ll teach you how to access it on your own, while providing you with the hands-on guidance needed to navigate the Akashic Records confidently (which I’ve found invaluable and truly believe is essential to learning this craft). And she’ll continue to be there, guiding you and helping you move through those experiences as a mentor, guide and friend. Most of all, she’ll do everything with an integrity, humor and grace that makes every interaction a delight. Get a reading, take a class, buy a book – your life will be so much richer for it.

EH, Boston, MA

I have learned to trust and to trust explicitly. The knowledge that has sprung forth and shared with me has had the benefit of initiating profound changes in my structure, core, and the essence of who I am. I have learned and trusted in the truth that has come from the Records. My willingness to let go of old barriers in my thinking, looking at the true picture of what has happened and derailed in my life has been a boon. Not only am I happier and healthier, mentally and spiritually, but I have allowed myself to open the gates of new possibility in my life, with less fear and trepidation. This is because I was in awe at the richness of the material and knowledge that came from Cheryl. I wish to embrace the honor of being able to explore and describe with the same richness and quality. This will come with practice and belief in myself.

Kathryn B., Gig Harbor, WA

Cheryl Marlene has a special gift of leading one to their gateway.  Entering the gateway to your true self is up to each individual.  However, seeing it requires the support and patience of teacher.  It is crucial in one’s awakening that they have a teacher/mentor whose core foundation is built on absolute integrity and authenticity for themselves and their students allowing each individual to grow on their own while mentoring from the heart.  This is what Cheryl’s courses has done for me.  It allowed me to stand on my own truth.  Yet at the same time, be part of an intimate community of students that feels truthful and safe due to the core foundations of its teacher.  Thank you, Cheryl.

Virginia C., Lafayette, CA

Some of My Responsibilities as a

Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records

When I first began to work with the Akashic Records, I made several agreements or commitments which grant me access to the Akashic Records for myself and others, including these three:

I will open the records of another person only when directly asked to do so by that person.
I will never offer to open the Akashic Records for anyone.
I will never disclose the content of an Akashic Record reading to a third party without permission.

At the time, I remember thinking that these seemed somewhat simple and perhaps even overly restrictive. Now I know that these three agreements uphold the integrity of the process of accessing the Akashic Records, providing a structure of surprising depth and powerful opportunity. They also define what I can and can not do as a Spiritual Guide in the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are not about predictive answers and absolute truth.

Instead the Akashic Records are about YOU, your intention, and what you want in your life.

A Reading of the Records is provided as a way to help you find your truth and make your own choices.

In transmitting the energy of your Akashic Record to you, it is absolutely not my place to insert my opinions and judgments. It is only my place to be as clear as possible so that you can hear options and make your choices yourself.

If I offer to open your Records, I am depriving you of the opportunity of choice and the power of self-responsibility.

The only way that I can ever know of your choice is to let you ask me.

And opening the Records only when asked directly keeps me in integrity with myself and with the Akashic Records. It is only through integrity and clear intention that access to the Akashic Records is possible.

When you ask me to open your Akashic Record for you, what comes forward is for you and you alone.

What you decide to do with the content is your business, not mine.

The fact you even had a reading with me is for you to disclose, not me. Because of this I take confidentiality seriously and often more extremely than other practitioners.

In fact, these three commitments shape my entire experience working in the Akashic Records. They mold my every interaction with each and every perspective or current client.

The way I manage gift certificates must not contravene my agreements. The way I acknowledge referrals or return phone calls must not interfere. The way I conduct Readings and workshops falls directly from my increasingly clearer understanding of this sacred covenant.

The Akashic Records exist on the energy continuum of potential and form. The realm of potential is of the divine, of the highest, clearest resonance, and is the origin of your soul.

When I maintain my agreements with the Akashic Records, I ensure that my access into the Records is in the realm of potential where the infinite possibilities of the universe are available to both you and me.

I put myself forward as a spiritual guide for two primary reasons:

  • First, by the word spiritual, I acknowledge that I am working on a spiritual level with myself and others.
  • As a guide, I serve as both signpost and witness to your process.

I am neither a director nor a counselor.

I don’t think of myself as a healer because healing is not something I do to you.

Healing is a dynamic process you choose for yourself, when you know you are ready.

I provide the knowing, the safe and sacred space, and the attention you need to feel comfortable engaging in your process however it feels best to you.

Practically, this means that engaging with me is probably not what you might expect.

One of the biggest differences is that I respond when asked and not before.

And when asked, I respond in the moment of the asking.

This means that I respond to each person and each situation individually as called in the moment and not necessarily as I have responded to other people and other situations.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that I should be vague: my job is to be as clear as possible.

So if I am not clear, please ask.

If something hasn’t been explained that you want to know about, please let me know.

If it’s not mentioned somewhere then either I have a good reason for not mentioning it or I have never been asked.

Whatever the case, open the dialogue, give me the opportunity to respond, to witness your process of finding clarity.

All I ask is that you be open to considering your assumptions and join me in this dance, this amazing, exciting journey into the infinite potential of our lives.