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The Sage Path Akashic Records Study with Cheryl Marlene

Connection Clinic

Get Support with your Connection to the Akashic Records

Once a month, the School community gathers as a group to provide support to ALL students currently in classes or who have previously completed classes within the School.

If you are having difficulty in your connection with the Akashic Records, you may ask for assistance during the Clinic. You may also join at any time to learn by witnessing assistance given to others.

It’s an opportunity to receive, witness and/or assist the strengthening, fine tuning, or block-removing of your connection with the Akashic Records.

In other words, if you are not feeling confident in your connection with your Akashic Records, you may ask assistance from the group, led by Cheryl.

You may also witness this process, learning about your connection and how blocks and challenges can be attended to.

Connection Clinic is also a great place to ask questions about your work in the Akashic Records and in the Sage Path.

For advanced students, you may also first learn about the process and then as you are ready, participate by assisting Cheryl in the Connection process.

Connection Clinic Guidelines

  • Connection Clinic is conducted in confidence and all Agreements with the Akashic Records must be maintained by all participants at all times.
  • Connection Clinic is conducted using MaestroConference tele-workshop interface. When you register you will receive directions about how to call into the group.
  • All Clinic Sessions begin on time. Anyone later than 5 minutes will not be allowed to enter unless prior arrangements are made with Cheryl.
  • Clinic session finish as scheduled. Leaving the session before we are finished is not acceptable unless you have made arrangements with Cheryl at least 24 hours in advanced.
  • To receive assistance please indicate at the beginning of the that you would like assistance.
  • Assistance will go in the order of registration.
  • Clinic will help four students and more if time allows. If the Clinic session should end during the fourth student, the session will extend to allow the work to be completed.
  • Any concerns or questions about the Clinic should be addressed to Cheryl.

Clinic Registration

To register, please click here and complete the form on the next page

In 2017, Connection Clinic will be held on the following dates:

Connection Clinic Calls
Wednesday, January 11, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, February 8, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, March 8, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, April 5, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, May 3, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, May 31, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, June 28, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, July 26, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, August 23, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, September 13, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, October 18, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, November 15, 8am ? 9:30am PT
Wednesday, December 13, 8am ? 9:30am PT