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The Sage Path Akashic Records Study with Cheryl Marlene

February 22, 2013

Connection Clinic February 2018

Clinics, Practices, and Study Calls

Get Support with your Connection to the Akashic Records

As part of your study in the Sage Path, Cheryl provides a variety of opportunities to explore, release and expand.  Learning to access the Akashic Records and develop trust in your connection is a spiritual journey.  A spiritual journey which will be different than you expect and more than you can imagine.

Both as witness to your journey and support for you in your process, Cheryl provides these group opportunities most of which are required as part of your Sage Path studies.

Connection Clinic:  Feeling like things aren’t quite right?  Having trouble with trust?  Doubts?  Feels different from before?  Have questions about the Akashic Records?  All of this is appropriate for Connection Clinic.  As a group we gather to attend to whatever no longer serves in your journey with the Akashic Records.  Not sure if it’s relevant — it probably is!  Cheryl is here to help you and can’t if you don’t ask!  If you are having difficulty in your connection with the Akashic Records, you may ask for assistance during Connection Clinic. You may also join at any time to learn by witnessing assistance given to others.

Akashic Records Practice:  Just what it says!  Practice in the Akashic Records!  Cheryl offers up a variety of practices usually related to a topic.  We work together as a group both in our own Records and in the Records of Other.

Advanced Sage Path Studies:  This study call is primarily for students in Sage Path 300.  This is where you bring your Level 300 questions and concerns.  Each meeting Cheryl will have a topic related to Level 300 to explore.  She will also answer questions and provide demonstrations as requested by students.  This call is part what each student brings and what Cheryl offers for consideration.

All clinics, practices and study calls are recorded and the recordings are available through the student archive pages.

If a student is not able to attend a call in person, attendance may be completed by listening to the call.

Clinic, Practice, and Study Call Guidelines

  • All clinics, practices and study calls are conducted in confidence, in alignment with our Community Agreements, and all Agreements with the Akashic Records must be maintained by all participants at all times.
  • These calls are conducted using MaestroConference tele-conference. When you register you will receive directions about how to call into the group.
  • All sessions begin on time. Anyone later than 5 minutes will not be allowed to enter unless prior arrangements are made with Cheryl.
  • Sessions finish as scheduled. Leaving the session before we are finished is not acceptable unless you have made arrangements with Cheryl at least 24 hours in advanced.
  • To receive assistance please indicate at the beginning that you would like assistance.
  • As with all workshops and events, students will only use the process of opening the Akashic Records taught by Cheryl.
  • Introducing other techniques of working the Akashic Records or other type of energy healing techniques is not ever appropriate.
  • Any concerns or questions should be addressed to Cheryl.

Clinic, Practice or Study Call Registration

To register:  Sage Path Event Registration

For dates and times, please see Cheryl’s Event Calendar.