Sage Path Guidebook

ALL the information, terms and conditions of the Sage Path.
Direct any questions to Cheryl.

This Sage Path Guidebook contains all the information, terms and conditions of the Sage Path.

Direct any questions to Cheryl.

Sage Path Agreements

Maintaining agreements is an important part of your spiritual journey — so important that for me to share with you my process of accessing the Akashic Records I have agreements with the Akashic Records.

And I will ask you, too, to make an agreement with the Akashic Records and with me.

Your workshops in the Sage Path begin with making agreements.

And while I can’t share all those agreements until your workshop, I can offer a general idea now.

First, please read this article I have written: The Spiritual Importance of Agreements.

As you can see agreements provide a framework which in the case of the Akashic Records creates a sacred space of integrity for you to explore and offer the Akashic Records. That you honor these agreements is a matter between you and me; you and the Akashic Records; and you and your heart.

Breaking these agreements has profound consequences for you. While I haven’t heard of any one being hit by lightning, I do know that the possible emotional and spiritual anguish is very real.

For me to share with you something I consider sacred is a for me a matter of faith. And in faith, I believe that you will honor yourself, me and the Akashic Records by keeping these Agreements and, if need be, honestly dealing with me if broken.

In the first level of the Sage Path, when you learn to open your own Akashic Records, your agreements include a one-year training period where you only use the Akashic Records method I teach.

In the second level of the Sage Path, in learning to open the Akashic Records for Other, there is an additional training period using only my method. Overall, at this second level, the agreements are more extensive and include:

  • Never offer to open the Akashic Records for someone.
  • Do not open the Akashic Records for Other unless asked directly to do so by Other.
  • Do not open the Akashic Records of anyone under the age of 18.

On all levels, you agree not to share or teach, without my permission, another what you have learned from me.

These agreements are in place not because I believe how I access the Akashic Records is the only way or the best way. Instead, I believe that you are asking me to offer you your best path to accessing the deepest road possible.

From all my experience in the Akashic Records I know that you can only get to this deep road with a firm foundation. Bringing in other Akashic Record or energetic processes during your training only creates havoc for you, undermines the deepest levels of trust and integrity, and holds you back on your spiritual journey.

Additionally, in Sage Path 200, I include an extensive study program beyond the workshop. During this period, you will only offer Akashic Record Readings to those students studying with me or with individuals I include in the Workshop Circle.

There is a formal process of declaring your public intention with the Akashic Records and once this declaration is made you may offer Akashic Record Readings to family and friends and beyond if you maintain your Akashic Record Agreements.

Along with the agreements for the Sage Path are the general agreements I offer to support all public and private events.

Please read these agreements here:

To go along with the Community Agreements are the values of community.

Please read these principles here:

Sage Path Program Information

Each level of the Sage Path has the following prerequisites:

Prerequisites for Sage Path 100:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must read (prior to registration) Cheryl’s book: Introduction to the Akashic Records
  • Must experience (prior to registration) an Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl – schedule here!
  • Belief you can try to learn to open your own Akashic Records.

In the Sage Path, you must be willing to:

  • Release whatever may block your access (which is usually done through Cheryl’s guidance and support).
  • Purchase and read these two books by Cheryl: The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain
  • Be responsible for your path of learning and understand that additional work with Cheryl may be necessary because of your own personal situation.
  • Ask Cheryl for help when you aren’t sure, have questions, or need help.
  • During studies with Cheryl, only use the process Cheryl teaches when working with the Akashic Records

Prerequisites for Sage Path 200:

  • Successful completion of Sage Path 100

Prerequisites for Sage Path 300:

  • Successful completion of Sage Path 100 and Sage Path 200
  • Successful completion of Mid-level Course Healing and Trauma

Prerequisites for Mid-level Courses:

  • Successful completion of Sage Path 100
  • Successful completion of Sage Path 200 workshop and the first three Sage Path 200 Practices
  • Or Cheryl’s approval

Introduction to the Akashic Records
This is required reading before entering the Sage Path. Click here to receive your free copy

The New Akashic Records: Knowing, Healing and Spiritual Practice
This is the main text for Sage Path 100 and is also used in Sage Path 200. Follow this link to purchase your copy.

Many Paths, One Mountain: The Five Steps of the Spiritual Journey
This is the second primary text for Sage Path 100. Follow this link to purchase your copy.

Sage Path 100: Opening Your Own Akashic Records – $750 or two payments of $375

Sage Path 200: Opening the Akashic Records of Other – $1750 or one payment of $750 and 2 payments of $500

Sage Path 300: Individual Mastery in the Akashic Reords – $3000 or one payment of $800 and five payments of $440

Mid-Level Courses:

Divine Assistance and the Akashic Records – $500 or two payments of $250

Earth Energies in the Akashic Records – $500 or two payments of $250

Healing and Trauma – $950 or one payment of $500 and two payments of $250

Blessing Shift: Own – $250

Blessing Shift: Other – $250

Sage Path Intensive – $7500 or one payment of $1200 and fourteen payments of $450

Customized Program – depends on location which will begin with Cheryl’s per diem charge.

  • The Sage Path may either be entered one level at a time or all levels at once.
  • At Registration, payment is required and may be made either in full or as a deposit towards a monthly payment plan.
  • The first 50% paid, whether paid at once or in parts, is considered a non-refundable deposit and once paid, is not refundable even if a student drops from the program for whatever reason either before beginning or completing the program.
  • Any balance of the Program Fee is paid in the months following as agreed upon with Cheryl by each student.
  • Cheryl will send an invoice at the beginning of the month and payment is due upon receipt.
  • Once a student begins, there are no refunds of any payments.
  • If payment is not made in a timely manner, at her discretion, Cheryl may either limit program participation or withhold course material until payment is made.
  • Non-payment is grounds to remove student from program without refund.
  • If a student continues into the rest of the Sage Path program, a credit of any payments made to a single workshop will be credited towards the completion of the Sage Path.

The Sage Path is generally set up as an 18 to 24-month course and the time to complete each level is as follows:

  • SP100: 2 to 3 months, maximum 5 months
  • SP200: 5 to 6 months, maximum 8 months
  • SP300: 6 to 8 months, maximum 11 months

The bottom line: if more than 24 months are needed to successfully complete the Sage Path, then there will be an Extended Study Fee of $100 for each additional month required.

The exception to this time and completion requirement is for those who choose a Customized Sage Path package. Customized packages will have different time and completion requirements and be offered to the student in writing for clear agreement.

Students are responsible for taking the initiative in studies, staying on track, and completing all requirements in a timely manner. Generally, a student will ask Cheryl to open the next level when the student feels ready.

Cheryl also attends to the study of all students and will make suggestions along the way for each student. In moving from one level to the next, Cheryl offers a planning session to begin a new level.

These are the time and completion requirements:

  • SP100: 2 to 3 months, maximum 5 months
  • SP200: 5 to 6 months, maximum 8 months
  • SP300: 6 to 8 months, maximum 11 months
  • Successful completion of each level is completion of each module included in the level within the specified time.
  • Students are expected to complete each level or course within the set time limit unless the student arranges a shift in these requirements with Cheryl.
  • A student who doesn’t complete a level or course within the time requirements is considered furloughed.
  • Once furloughed, to return to studies with Cheryl, there is a monthly $100 extended study fee until completion of the level or course. The extended study fee is billed once a month at the beginning of the month.
  • If a break needs to be taken, students may receive up to a two-month break. This break time will be added to the completion time and will not incur an extended study fee.
  • After a two-month break, if a student doesn’t return to studies, this student is considered a furloughed student.
  • Upon registration, Cheryl will provide a Finish By month in which completion is required. The Extended Study Fee will begin on the month after your Finish By month.
  • Students paying the $100 extended fee are considered active students.
  • Connection Clinic and Akashic Records Practice are open to all Sage Path students, active or furloughed.

When beginning a level in the Sage Path, Cheryl offers a 15-minute planning session to each student in which she defines the course of study for the student.

This planning takes into account the experience of the student and any personal preferences to be considered.

This session is scheduled upon registration.

Each student has their own My Courses pages which links to all the course material to which she or he has access.

When you register for Sage Path, Cheryl creates this page for you and shares the link and password.

Please remember this information – though if you forget, contact Cheryl.

Cheryl sends out a monthly newsletter for Sage Path students only.

When you join the Sage Path, you are automatically added to the mailing list.

If you aren’t receiving this information, check your spam folder and then let Cheryl know if you don’t find it.

All newsletters come from Cheryl’s email address:

It’s a good idea to set this as a safe/acceptable email address.

All Sage Path events are in the Calendar

It is possible to add the event calendar to your own calendar.

If you would like this, ask Cheryl for assistance.

Feeling like things aren’t quite right? Having trouble with trust? Doubts? Feels different from before? Have questions about the Akashic Records?

All of this is appropriate for Connection Clinic.

As a group we gather to attend to whatever no longer serves in your journey with the Akashic Records. Not sure if it’s relevant — it probably is!

Cheryl is here to help you and can’t if you don’t ask!

If you are having difficulty in your connection with the Akashic Records, you may ask for assistance during Connection Clinic.

You may also join at any time to learn by witnessing assistance given to others.

Clinic Call Guidelines

  • Register for any clinic, practice or call using the Sage Path Event Registration Page found linked from your My Courses page.
  • All clinics, practices and study calls are conducted in confidence, in alignment with our Community Agreements, and all Agreements with the Akashic Records must be maintained by all participants at all times.
  • These calls are conducted using Zoom tele-conference. When you register you will receive directions about how to call into the group.
  • All sessions begin on time. Anyone later than 5 minutes will not be allowed to enter unless prior arrangements are made with Cheryl.
  • Sessions finish as scheduled. Leaving the session before we are finished is not acceptable unless you have made arrangements with Cheryl at least 24 hours in advanced.
  • To receive assistance please indicate at the beginning that you would like assistance.
  • As with all workshops and events, students will only use the process of opening the Akashic Records taught by Cheryl.
  • Introducing other techniques of working the Akashic Records or the use of other types of energy healing techniques is not ever appropriate.
  • Any concerns or questions should be addressed to Cheryl.

Individual study with Cheryl supporst your learning and is included in each level of the Sage Path.

The primary focus of Sage Path Private Study is to allow you time and support to understand, strengthen and improve your connection with the Akashic Records through direct, individual time with Cheryl. She can help you release whatever stands in your way, witnessing your process with and through the Akashic Records.

Learning to work with the Akashic Records is experienced uniquely by each person.

Cheryl doesn’t expect or predict exactly what your process is going to be or where it is going to take you.

However, if you stay connected while you are committed and engaged in this serious spiritual study, then Cheryl can provide guidance and support when you need it.

This is why at all levels of the Sage Path you experience Private Study, a personal, one-on-one phone or Zoom meeting with Cheryl, conducted as needed.

Why Private Study? Over the years, Cheryl has found that only 20% of students actually stick with their Akashic Records practice for more than 12 months.

The #1 reason for stopping is not knowing how to process the personal transformation and integration which comes as a result of connection and attunement with the Akashic Records.

As you proceed in studying the Akashic Records with Cheryl, more than likely, you will experience personal shift and change.

For some this process is quite intense as it releases outdated perceptions and various levels of fear and blame.

This happens in part because of the intention and agreements Cheryl has with the Akashic Records as a catalyst of change.

Private Study gives you the opportunity to individually process your stuff, release any blocks, and expand your connection with direct personal study with support from Cheryl.

Some students find that they have the need for more private study than is included. Additional private study can be added by checking with Cheryl and by paying the associated private study fee.

The Benefits of Private Study

Private Study gives you a place to help process and integrate this change, to ask questions and delve deeper into how developing a connection with the Akashic Records is expanding you at all levels of your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.

Private Study both softens and intensifies your learning process and will also help you to hold yourself accountable and open to your journey.

Each Sage Path Private Study session goes according to the individual needs of each student. It may include analyzing or shifting your process or blessing, insuring that there are no blocks in the process for you.

Good to Know:  You may also always ask Cheryl to open your Akashic Records during your session.

The Reading Exchange lists all students who are available for partner practices and exchanges.

Find the Reading Exchange linked from your My Courses page.

When you begin Sage Path 200 you will submit information to Cheryl so that she can create a profile for you on the Reading Exchange.

For all group calls, like Connection Clinic, we use Zoom, a video conferencing program which can be joined either through video or audio.
The confirmation email for the event will contain a link to the meeting in Zoom.
This link can be access from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The first time using Zoom you will be asked to download a small program to your device and will then access the meeting through this program.
The confirmation email will also have a list of phone numbers that you may use to connect through by audio-only on your phone.
The email also has a link to a page with phone numbers in 70 countries if your country is not in the list in the email.
To learn more about Zoom:

When you enter Sage Path 200, Cheryl recommends that you get a Skype account so that you can participate with all students in the Reading Exchange.
Using Skype, you can speak with students around the world. If you use your computer, smart phone or tablet and call another Skype account, the call is free no matter where in the world you call. If you call a phone number, you will pay for the call though the rate is much lower than typical long distance rates.
Computer to computer is free. Calls to phone numbers are not free.
Skype accounts are free.
Visit to download the Skype software to your computer — or visit the app store to get the Skype app for your smart phone or tablet.
When you create a Skype account, you create a name for your account. When asked for your Skype account name, it is the name created when setting up your account.
To use Skype on your computer, it is best to have a headset with a microphone so that audio quality is good.

There is an ebb and flow to all connections in life. A timing. A season. As part of the community, Cheryl asks that you be intentional in your parting.

When you join the Sage Path, becoming a student and a participant in the community Cheryl holds sacred, you do so through your own choice and through your own self responsibility. Cheryl holds your joining sacred, within the workshop circle, and in confidence.

While you study and learn, you do so again through your own choice and responsibility. Some join for a short time and some for longer. As in all, there is no right or wrong, there is only that which is in this moment truth for you. And it is clear to Cheryl that there may be a time for you to part as a participant in the community.

Parting can be because you know with in your heart that your path takes you elsewhere.

Much less frequently, parting is something that Cheryl must initiate because a student has broken the agreements of the community and this is the truthful step.

In either case, parting needs to be communicated to the community so that agreements and boundaries are clear and that the sacred space of the workshop circle is preserved. And so that the person parting can leave cleanly and leave no obstacles within or without.

For a student, there are three levels of involvement. All students engaged in any level of studies are active. Those not currently engaged in studies are inactive. Those students who leave the workshop circle are considered parted.

Parted students no longer appear in the reading exchange and are no longer available to offer or receive Readings with in the context of Sage Path activity. If currently active students offer or receive Readings with parted students, these Readings do not fulfill study requirements and because they are no longer part of the workshop circle would go against Agreements for students who have not completed their Declaration of Intent.

When a student parts, Cheryl will make a brief announcement in the student newsletter so that everyone is clearly informed.