Sage Path Packages

Intensive Study for the Serious Student

Customized either by timing, location or intensity.

Sage Path Intensive

This package includes the entirety of the Sage Path:

All three levels of the Sage Path and

All the Mid-level Courses.

The Sage Path Intensive is for you if:

  • You are ready to commit to extensive and intensive personal study of and with the Akashic Records.
  • You want monthly, individual support with Cheryl while you are a Sage Path student.
  • You want encouragement to claim the deepest journey with and in the Akashic Record for yourself.
  • You know to get the most from your study, you need a place where you have to show up!

Program Fee:  $7500 (Payments of $1200 with 14 payments of $450)

Completion Time:  18 to 24 months unless negotiated with Cheryl for either a quicker or slower pace.

To register for the Sage Path Intensive:

Sage Path Registration Page

Sage Path 100 Weekend

This package includes all the features of Sage Path 100 plus 10 hours of direct study in-person with Cheryl!

Here’s the plan!

You fly to Portland by 3pm on Friday.  Meet me at the restaurant where we will enjoy dinner together and I will introduce you to the energy of the Akashic Records.

Saturday morning, we meet for breakfast by 8am.  In the morning workshop session, you learn the Agreements, the process and the blessing for opening your own Akashic Records.  By lunch time, you will have been in your Records at least three times.  Plus, with me right there with you, I will be helping you clear any blocks you might encounter and giving you direct tips for enhancing your connection.

Next is lunch, a break, and some time to your self.

About 3pm, I will pick you up for a guided tour of Portland Japanese Garden.  Along the way, you will have a couple of practices in your Akashic Records.  We will find a Portland restaurant for dinner.

Sunday morning, breakfast together and a couple more practices.

You make your way to the airport to get home by Sunday evening.

Life will never be the same because now you know how to open your Akashic Records.

This weekend learning experience includes:

  • Ten hours of in-person workshop time with Cheryl in Portland, Oregon
  • Five Meals:  breakfast (2), lunch (1), and dinner (2)
  • Transportation on Saturday to Portland Japanese Garden visit (entry fees included)
  • All the self-study materials of Sage Path 100
  • Two one-hour Private Study sessions with Cheryl after you return home

Program Fee:  $1950 (Payments of $1000 with two payments of $425)  Program Fee does not include travel to and from Portland, lodging while in Portland, transportation to and from the Portland Airport, alcoholic beverages or other personal expenses.

Completion Time:  A Weekend plus 2 additional months of study to complete Sage Path 100, unless negotiated with Cheryl for either a quicker or slower pace.

Options:  If you would rather come in the middle of the week, we can work that out!  Also the Sage Path 100 Weekend can be offered in locations other than Portland for an additional fee.  Check with Cheryl for availability.

To register for the Sage Path 100 Weekend:

Sage Path Registration Page

Sage Path Customized

The Sage Path may be fully customized according to timing, location or intensity.


The most frequent customization is location which offers the opportunity for study with Cheryl in person.

You may come to Portland, Oregon to study with Cheryl.

For example, Cheryl offers a special Sage Path 100 Weekend (described above) which adds 10 hours of direct study with me during this weekend.   And of course, if you would rather come during the week, we can work this out!

And generally when we stick to the same time offerings in the level in which you are studying, there are no additional workshop charges.  Though of course you will need to take care of your transportation, lodging and meals.  For example, the basic Sage Path 100 is offered with 2 hours of workshop time with 2 private study sessions.  If you come in person, you may use up to 4 hours for your workshop.

Or you may invite me to your location or a location of your choosing. In this case, you will need to cover my travel expenses and minimally meet my per diem rate.

Additionally, you may chose to create a group study program.  For example, you invite me to your location and I offer a workshop for a group of students who would jointly be responsible for covering my expenses in addition to the workshop fees.


Timing has to do with the speed and rhythm of you studies. In a customized program you may choose to stretch out or shorten the term of your study.


Intensity goes along with timing and usually introduces the levels in a short period of time. For example,, choosing to move through two levels within a week.

As an example, a customized program could be for a group in your home town in which we experience Sage Path 100 and Sage Path 200 across a four day period.

Create a Customized Sage Path Program

To create a Customized Sage Path program, first you (and all participants) must meet all Sage Path prerequisites.

Then you go to the Sage Path Registration Page, follow the Sage Path Customized link and complete the registration form.

You will be asked to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit on your program (though if for some reason we are not able to agree on a program, Cheryl will refund all but $75 of this deposit).

And you will schedule a 15-minute planning session with Cheryl to discuss the elements of your customized program.

During your planning session, you will work at the details of your program, schedule when mutually convenient and agree on the customized program fees and payment.

This is a great time to get any questions about studying with Cheryl you might have answered!