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Sage Path Intensive

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Sage Path Intensive by Cheryl Marlene

Sage Path Intensive


Now is the time to bring intensive focus to the journey of your soul within the Akashic Records.


Now is also the time to engage yourself deeply within your spiritual journey through intentional commitment to learning about your self at the broadest levels possible.


This moment of commitment brings you awareness of possibility, expansion, wholeness and joy.


Now is the time to understand the cycles of your life and how you give and receive within the fullness available to you.


In this journey in the Akashic Records, you want to process, engage, explore with clear, competent, expansive support from someone who knows the territory from her own amazing journey.


No holds barred.

Firm ground.

Clear expectations.

Dependable, clarifying support.

You must show up.

You can’t dial it in or slip through unnoticed.

The Sage Path Intensive is the most powerful way to engage in study of the Akashic Records with Cheryl.

The Sage Path Intensive includes:

All Four Levels of the Sage Path plus

Fifteen Additional Private Study sessions (60 minutes each), held monthly and privately with Cheryl.

The Sage Path requires between 18 and 24 months to complete.

With Sage Path Intensive you will be able to meet privately with Cheryl during the entirety of your study.

Your questions are answered, blocks released and, if you request, Cheryl will offer you an Akashic Record Reading.

Through this intensive, focused study you have Cheryl’s direct support to understand and integrate your learning at the deepest levels.

Sage Path Intensive is for you if:

  • You are ready to commit to extensive and intensive personal study of and with the Akashic Records.
  • You want monthly, individual support with Cheryl while you are a Sage Path student.
  • You want encouragement to claim the deepest journey with and in the Akashic Record for yourself.
  • You know to get the most from your study, you need a place where you have to show up!

Sage Path Intensive Program Fee: $6000

This is a saving of $2500 if all program features were paid separately

To Register:

Sage Path Registration

Sage Path Intensive
Monthly Payments
First Payment Р$1200 and then Twelve Months Р$400 a month

Sage Path Intensive
Full One-Time Payment
Total: $6000
With a 5% Full One-Time Payment Discount – $5700