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The Sage Path Akashic Records Study with Cheryl Marlene

I invite you to accept this invitation to Soul Truth!

Before registering, I want to make sure that you have read this very important information about studying with me:

If you have questions about any of this material, please let me know!

To join the Sage Path, please make your choice for level of entry below.  When you register, you will be making a 16-minute appointment with me so that I can make sure you are all set up and headed in the right direction. 

Payment may either be in full or the non-refundable deposit.  If you would like to pay by bank transfer either in US dollars or other currency (especially Euros or Pounds Sterling), please use coupon code EURO.  When I received your registration, I will email my IBAN or other appropriate banking information. 

When I receive your registration, I will also be sending you a couple of emails with information for beginning your studies.

In Joy!

Sage Path Intensive

Program Fee: $7500

Payments: $1200 with 14 monthly payments of $450

Sage Path Full Program

Program Fee: $4500

Payments: $900 with 8 monthly payments of $450

Sage Path 100:
Opening Your Own Akashic Records

Program Fee: $600

Payments: Two payments of $300

Sage Path 200:
Opening  the Akashic Records for Other

Program Fee: $900

Payments: Three payments of $300

Sage Path 300:
Advanced Studies in the Akashic Records

Program Fee: $3000

Payments: $1000 plus four payments of $500