Sage Path 100

Opening Your Own Akashic Records


Opening your own Akashic Records is a journey into hearing the voice of your Soul.

In this workshop, you receive the information and energy you need to learn to successfully open your own Akashic Records. The method you learn incorporates a simple visualization and a blessing; no prior intuitive or psychic training is required.

In opening your own Akashic Records, you may ask questions for yourself, explore your soul’s origin, and interact with the potential of the universe first hand.


Working in the Akashic Records is all about trust.

Both learning opportunity and personal challenge, opening in your own Akashic Records brings you face to face with your ability to trust yourself. Every student faces a Trust Crisis. The Sage Path is specifically designed to help you move through challenge as you claim trust for yourself on the deepest levels possible. Getting through the Trust Crisis.


The Journey of Your Soul.

The dance of your life.

The edges of this world and beyond.

The infinite possibilities of divine knowing.

Going beyond self as you learn to go where you have not dared to go before.


Opening the Akashic Records is the soul’s spiritual practice.

As a spiritual practice, opening your own Records is not about getting answers. This is a process which directly influences your ability to transform and integrate your life’s powerful opportunities. Learning to maintain balance and clarity with the Akashic Records helps you clarify intention, expand integrity, and learn to release limiting judgments and expectations.


Ultimately, the process of learning to personally witness the dance of your soul within your own Akashic Records becomes the process you bring to your entire life:

Sacred space,

Here and now,

With intention, integrity and wisdom.

Sage Path 100 Includes:

Opening Your Own Akashic Records is the first step on the Sage Path. This level begins your personal process of building connection with the Akashic Records and expanding your awareness of self and All That Is.

This is a mentored process done individually with Cheryl and is scheduled when mutually convenient for us both. To successfully complete Sage Path 100, you must finish all the following study modules.

The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain – both by Cheryl.

Find purchase information here.

This self-study module examines agreements from a spiritual point of view and prepares the student to make the Agreements to Open Your Own Akashic Records.

Another self-study module which helps the student begin their own spiritual journey within the Akashic Records

A self-study module which reviews the spiritual energy dynamics of the Akashic Records

This is a workshop that is done one-on-one with Cheryl either by phone, Zoom or in-person.  Done by phone or Zoom, the workshop is two hours followed by two Private Study sessions with Cheryl.

This module includes information about strengthening your connection with the Akashic Records, guided practices and huge archive of prior student study calls.

Cheryl offers and requires participation in Connection Clinic, a monthly 90-minute, group study call.  Connection Clinic works specifically with any issues, blocks, or resistance that a student may have in accessing the Akashic Records.  This call also offers the group work and community participation which will greatly assist students in their individual journeys. When time allows, Cheryl also will include individual and group practice in the Akashic Records.  If the scheduled times do not work for you, participation may be completed by listening to the call recording and completing feedback.

To complete SP100, each student completes three practice reports usually in the three months following your workshop.  Completion dates are agreed upon with Cheryl and may be quicker or slower than monthly depending on your individual situation.  The practice report is available online with the other study material.

Sage Path 100 includes up to 2 hours of Private Study with Cheryl.

In agreement with Cheryl, this may be used in up to four 30-minute sessions.

Private Study time is different than workshop time!  Read the Guidebook for a description of Private Study.

Prerequisites for the Sage Path

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must read (prior to registration) Cheryl’s book: Introduction to the Akashic Records
  • Must experience (prior to registration) an Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl – schedule here!
  • Belief you can try to learn to open your own Akashic Records.

Additionally, in the Sage Path, you must be willing to:

  • Release whatever may block your access (which is usually done through Cheryl’s guidance and support).
  • Purchase and read these two books by Cheryl: The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain
  • Be responsible for your path of learning and understand that additional-charge work with Cheryl may be necessary because of your own personal situation.
  • Ask Cheryl for help when you aren’t sure, have questions, or need assistance.
  • During studies with Cheryl, only use the process for accessing the Akashic Records Cheryl teaches when working with the Akashic Records.

Sage Path 100
Opening Your Own Akashic Records
Program Fee: $750
Payments: Two payments of $375

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