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Sage Path 100: Opening Your Own Akashic Records

Sage Path 100

Opening Your Own Akashic Records


Opening your own Akashic Records is a journey into hearing the voice of your Soul.

In this workshop, you receive the information and energy you need to learn to successfully open your own Akashic Records. The method you learn incorporates a simple visualization and a blessing; no prior intuitive or psychic training is required.

In opening your own Akashic Records, you may ask questions for yourself, explore your soul’s origin, and interact with the potential of the universe first hand.


Working in the Akashic Records is all about trust.

Both learning opportunity and personal challenge, opening in your own Akashic Records brings you face to face with your ability to trust yourself. Every student faces a Trust Crisis. The Sage Path is specifically designed to help you move through challenge as you claim trust for yourself on the deepest levels possible. Getting through the Trust Crisis.


The Journey of Your Soul.

The dance of your life.

The edges of this world and beyond.

The infinite possibilities of divine knowing.

Going beyond self as you learn to go where you have not dared to go before.


Opening the Akashic Records is the soul’s spiritual practice.

As a spiritual practice, opening your own Records is not about getting answers. This a process which directly influences your ability to transform and integrate your life’s powerful opportunities. Learning to maintain balance and clarity with the Akashic Records helps you clarify intention, expand integrity, and learn to release limiting judgments and expectations.


Ultimately, the process of learning to personally witness the dance of your soul within your own Akashic Records becomes the process you bring to your entire life:

Sacred space,

Here and now,

With intention, integrity and wisdom.

Your Choice!

Opening Your Own Akashic Records, Sage Path 100, is available two ways:

Single Workshop: Learning to open your own Akashic Records is the beginning and is a great way to test the waters of the Akashic Records for yourself. As a single workshop SP100 is $450, payable either in full or in two monthly payments.

First Step on the Sage Path: The Sage Path is an inclusive, advancved 18-24 month program of study in the Akashic Records. When you feel called to a full experience from the beginning, committing to the Sage Path is the way to go.

In either format, you receive all the benefits and features of Sage Path 100 including a thirty-minute Akashic Record Reading with Cheryl and a private 3-hour workshop with Cheryl.

If after completing SP100 you decide you want to study more, you are free to move on to Sage Path 200 (Opening the Akashic Record for Other) or the entire Sage Path program (where you will receive a credit for your SP100 payment).

In learning to open your own Akashic Records

Sage Path Level 100

Includes All of the Following Features

Thirty-Minute Akashic Records Reading:

The best way to understand the possibilities of learning and change in the Akashic Records is to experience your own Akashic Record Reading.

To begin the Sage Path you receive a thirty-minute Reading from School Founder Cheryl Marlene. For an additional fee, you may request a longer time.

Opening Your Own Akashic Records:

Self – Study Course: To prepare you for Workshop, Cheryl has assembled over 60 pages of material as an online self-study course to help you learn about her unique energy perspective of the Akashic Records. This is an interactive course on this website  and is accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone.

Individual Workshop: When you have finished the first three sections of Self-Study, you are ready to step into learning the process of opening your own Akashic Records. Cheryl offers this work to you in two private study meetings: the first is two hours and the following is one hour. Just you and Cheryl! In this workshop we cover the agreements you make to enter your own Akashic Records, the process and the blessing, and provides you with practice and an opportunity to ask questions. Scheduled when mutually convenient for both and conducted either by phone or Skype — or in person if you want to travel to Portland, Oregon!

Required course texts: The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain — both available in the Bookstore or on Amazon.com.

Connection Clinic and Akashic Records Practice:

The School community gathers as a group to provide support to all students.

In Connection Clinic, if you are having difficulty in your connection with the Akashic Records, you may ask for assistance from Cheryl.  Whatever may be giving you trouble can be taken care of. You may also join at any time to learn by witnessing assistance given to others.

In Akashic Records Practice, we work together as a group in the Akashic Records.  Each month, Cheryl offers a different practice centered around a chosen topic.

Participation in three Connection Clinics and three Akashic Record Practices is required to complete Level 100 and free of charge as long as you are studying in the Sage Path. If the scheduled times do not work for you, participation may be completed by listening to the call recording and completing the monthly practice report.

Beginning Practices, Volume One:

This set of eight guided practices has been specially created for new students for developing and strengthening connection with the Akashic Records. Each practice is focused on a topic, provides both written and spoken guidance on the topic, and offers three to six questions for you to use in your own Akashic Record practice. Completion of these Practices are required to complete Level 100.

Volume Two and Volume Three of Beginning Practices are also available to you, though completion is optional not required.

Sage Path 100 Archive

Includes recordings and practice sets from previous SP100 Study Calls, Connection Clinics and Akashic Records Practices.

Private Study

Within Level 100 you receive 3 hours of private workshop study with Cheryl. Additional Private Study is available either through the Sage Path Intensive which adds 15 hours of private study. Or additional hours of Private Study are available for an additional fee. For more information, please see Private Study.

Level 100 Features in Review

  • 3 hours of interaction and training directly from Cheryl by phone, Skype, or in-person
  • At least 20 hours of learning in all Level 100 Courses
  • 4-6 hours of audio program accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone
  • 12 hours, at least, of practice in your Akashic Records
  • 20 Akashic Record Practices to use in developing and strengthening your connection with your Akashic Records
  • All homework and quizzes responded directly to you by Cheryl
  • Unlimited opportunity to become a member of the sacred community of the Akashic Records School
  • On-going support for your journey in the Akashic Records through the Connection Clinic and other practices and study calls.
  • Archive of previous clinics, practices and study calls. and Sage Path 100 sessions
  • Optional additional Private Study with Cheryl available at an additional fee

Successful Completion of Sage Path 100

To successfully complete Sage Path 100, you must finish the following:

  • Sage Path 100 Self-Study Course: Completion of all sections of this course including all reflections, reading assignments and question sets.
  • Thirty-Minute Akashic Records Reading: schedule and receive this Reading with Cheryl before your Sage Path 100 Workshop.
  • Sage Path 100 Personal Workshop with Cheryl (3 hours schedule in two sessions, 2 hours and then 1 hour)
  • Three Sage Path Connection Clinics
  • Three Sage Path Akashic Records Practices
  • Beginning Practices in this course: Your Akashic Records Practice
  • Three Monthly Practice Reports

Timing for Sage Path 100

Sage Path 100 is set up as a three-month program. Students may take as much as six months for successful completion. After six months, then the Extended Study Fee will apply.

For all levels of Sage Path, there are successful course completion requirements as well as time requirements listed in the Sage Path course descriptions. Here are the expectations which cover these requirements:

  • As an entire program, the Sage Path is an 18 to 24-month program.
  • Students are expected to successfully complete each level or course within the set time limit unless the student arranges a shift in these requirements with Cheryl.
  • A student who doesn’t complete a level or course within the time requirements or doesn’t move to another level of study is considered inactive.
  • Once inactive, to return to studies with Cheryl, there is a monthly $100 extended study fee until completion of the level or course. The extended study fee is billed once a month at the beginning of the month.
  • If a break needs to be taken, students may receive up to a two-month furlough. This furlough time will be added to the completion time and will not incur an extended study fee.
  • After a two-month furlough, if a student doesn’t return to studies and does not request to part, this student is considered an inactive student.
  • Upon registration, Cheryl will provide a Finish By month in which completion is required. The Extended Study Fee will begin on the month after the Finish By month.
  • Students paying the $100 extended fee are considered active students.
  • With special, additional, or new Sage Path classes and depending on the class, there may e a difference in the fee for inactive students and active students.
  • Sage Path clinics, practices, and study calls are open to all Sage Path students, active or inactive.

To Register:

Sage Path Registration

Sage Path 100
Opening Your Own Akashic Records
Program Fee: $600
Payments: Two payments of $300