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Sage Path 200 by Cheryl Marlene

Sage Path 200

Opening the Akashic Records of Other


Opening the Akashic Records for Other is a journey into witnessing the voice of soul for Other.

As the Akashic Record Reader for Other, you hold the sacred space for the soul to step forward and find a path to transformation and integration. As the Reader, you witness the awareness of balance with both the physical and spiritual aspects and how this awareness brings release, resolution and choice.


Learning to witness the Other in the Akashic Records requires a letting go and an expansion within.

An Akashic Record Reading for Other is successful when you learn to allow the flow to move toward you without your own inner blocks of judgment and expectation obstructing the flow. Releasing these blocks comes as an expansion of how you think of yourself and how you connect with yourself and others. Scary at first, but ultimately illuminating and uplifting both for yourself and whoever you read for.


The primary challenge in this next step of study in the Akashic Records is always about Integrity.

Willingness to risk your balance, wholeness and truth. Integrity is about balance, being at your work, and taking care of the consequences when you aren’t able to show up as you expected. In the Akashic Records of Other, integrity is keep your stuff out of the other’s sacred space. Knowing where you begin and leave off. Moving toward and standing within authentic you.

The process of opening the Akashic Records for Other is integrated with a set of agreements and a framework which provides an ethical foundation and maintains integrity within any entrance into the Akashic Records.


You commit to this level of your Akashic Records study because you understand that taking this step continues the process begun in Sage Path 100.

Most people enter this Sage Path 200 study program not because they want to become an Akashic Record Reader (though that is certainly a possibility), but because they know in their hearts this is the next step in their spiritual journey. And they are ready to . . . . commit!


Moving beyond self, opening the Akashic Records of Other expands your willingness to engage your highest expression in the deepest way possible in this moment, Now.

In Sage Path 200, Other means any flow of energy that is not you.

Thus, in addition to learning how to work with other people, you will also learn how to work with the Akashic Records of animals, plants, buildings, and other flows of energy.


A strengthening of the inner you leads to awareness of the infinite connection you have with All.

As your work in Sage Path 200 progresses, you become more aware of connection beyond your expectations, beyond judgments.

You stand in awe of your divine connection and the connection of all to All.

Your Choice!

Opening Your the Akashic Records for Other, Sage Path 200, is available two ways:

Single Workshop: Learning to open the Akashic Records for Other as a continuation of Level 100.

Second Step on the Sage Path: The Sage Path is an inclusive, advanced 18-24 month program of study in the Akashic Records. When you feel called to a full experience from the beginning, committing to the Sage Path is the way to go.

In either format, you receive all the benefits and features of Sage Path 200.

After completing SP200, if you decide you want to finish the program by continuing to Sage Path 300 (Advanced Studies in the Akashic Records), you will receive a credit for your SP200 payment.

In expanding your studies in the Akashic Records

Sage Path Level 200

Includes All of the Following Features

Opening the Akashic Records for Other:

Self-Study Course: To prepare you for the Sage Path 200 Workshop, Cheryl has created six sections of information and over 60 pages of material to help you learn about the point of view of the Witness in the Akashic Records for Other. The interactive course is on this website and is accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone. The material includes written information, audio files, videos and multiple opportunities to practice what you are learning.

Workshop: When you have finished the first three sections of self-study, you are ready to step into learning the process of opening the Akashic Records for Other. This workshop is usually within a group led by Cheryl and covers the agreements you make to enter the Akashic Records, the process and the blessing, and provides you with practice and an opportunity to ask questions. Scheduled every three months, generally when you register for the Sage Path you will be scheduled for the Workshop which accommodates 3 to 6 months of Level 100 study. The SP200 Workshop is held via teleconference and is available to students/callers around the world by phone, Skype or webphone.

Required course texts: The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain — both available here or on Amazon.com.

Prerequisites: Completion of Level 100 or Cheryl’s permission

Completion: 3-8 months.

Connection Clinic and Akashic Records Practice:

The School community gathers as a group to provide support to all students.

In Connection Clinic, if you are having difficulty in your connection with the Akashic Records, you may ask for assistance from Cheryl.  Whatever may be giving you trouble can be taken care of. You may also join at any time to learn by witnessing assistance given to others.

In Akashic Records Practice, we work together as a group in the Akashic Records.  Each month, Cheryl offers a different practice often centered around a chosen topic.

Participation in three Connection Clinics and three Akashic Record Practices is required to complete Level 200 and free of charge as long as you are studying in the Sage Path. If the scheduled times do not work for you, participation may be completed by listening to the call recording and completing feedback.

Level 200 Partner Practices:

In a partner practice you both offer and receive an Akashic Record Reading with other students. Within the Level 200 Self-Study Course, there are directions and required responses or “homework” for completion of six Partner Practices which may be done within 3 to 6 months. Readings are conducted by phone and by Skype. You must complete the practice Readings and submit the required responses monthly and within six months following the Level 200 Workshop.

There are also additional opportunities for practice with all members of the school including additional partner practices, Connection Clinic and self-scheduled practice time with other students.

Public Declaration of Intent:

Cheryl holds all students in the sacred space of the workshop circle.  All work and practices of the workshop are conducted within the circle prior to the Public Declaration of Intent. To prepare each student to step into the public aspect of the Akashic Records, Cheryl has created a process of clear intention about work in the Akashic Records to complete Level 200.

This process of intention helps develop clarity about your engagement as an Akashic Record Reader — whether or not you intend to be paid for your service — and prepares you to offer Readings outside of the Workshop Circle.

Successful completion of all Level 100 and Level 200 courses are requirements for completing this process of intent and offering Akashic Record Readings outside of the workshop circle. Prior to this, students only offer Readings within the Workshop Circle to other students.

Prerequisites: Completion of all Level 200 course requirements.

Completion: Usually no more than 8 months.

Private Study

Within Level 200 you receive 3 hours of individualized study with Cheryl. Additional Private Study is available either through the Sage Path Intensive which adds 15 hours of private study. Or additional hours of Private Study are available for an additional fee. For more information, please see Private Study.

Sage Path 200 Features in Review

  • 15 hours of interaction and training directly from Cheryl
  • 10-20 hours of learning in the Sage Path 200 Self-Study Course
  • 4-6 hours of audio program accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Minimum 12-15 hours of practice in opening the Akashic Records for Other
  • All homework and quizzes responded directly to you by Cheryl
  • Unlimited opportunity to become a member of the sacred community of the Akashic Records School
  • On-going support for your journey in the Akashic Records through clinics, practices and study calls.
  • Optional Private Study with Cheryl available at an additional fee

Successful Completion of Sage Path 200 Requirements

  • Successful completion of Sage Path 100
  • Completion of all aspects of the Sage Path 200 Self-Study Course, including all Monthly Practice Reports
  • Participation in Sage Path 200 Workshop
  • Participation in six monthly Partner Practices with timely submission of all required responses
  • Participation in at least three Connection Clinics after Sage Path 200 Workshop (6 recommended)
  • Participation in at least three Akashic Records Practices after Sage Path 200 Workshop (6 recommended)

Timing for Sage Path 200

Sage Path 200 is set up as a six-month program. Students may take as much as eight months for successful completion. After eight months, then the Extended Study Fee will apply.

  • As an entire program, the Sage Path is an 18 to 24-month program.
  • Students are expected to successfully complete each level or course within the set time limit unless the student arranges a shift in these requirements with Cheryl.
  • A student who doesn’t complete a level or course within the time requirements or doesn’t move to another level of study is considered inactive.
  • Once inactive, to return to studies with Cheryl, there is a monthly $100 extended study fee until completion of the level or course. The extended study fee is billed once a month at the beginning of the month.
  • If a break needs to be taken, students may receive up to a two-month furlough. This furlough time will be added to the completion time and will not incur an extended study fee.
  • After a two-month furlough, if a student doesn’t return to studies and does not request to part, this student is considered an inactive student.
  • Upon registration, Cheryl will provide a Finish By month in which completion is required. The Extended Study Fee will begin on the month after the Finish By month.
  • Students paying the $100 extended fee are considered active students.
  • With special, additional, or new Sage Path classes and depending on the class, there may e a difference in the fee for inactive students and active students.
  • Sage Path clinics, practices, and study calls are open to all Sage Path students, active or inactive.

Level 200 Workshop Dates for 2018

Friday, February 23, 9am Pacific Time

Friday, May 18, 9am Pacific Time

Additional times will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of Cheryl and those students ready for the Workshop.

To Register:

Sage Path 200
Opening the Akashic Records for Other
Program Fee: $900
Payments: Three payments of $300