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Sage Path 200

Opening the Akashic Records of Other


Opening the Akashic Records for Other is a journey into witnessing the voice of soul for Other.

As the Akashic Record Reader for Other, you hold the sacred space for the soul to step forward and find a path to transformation and integration. As the Reader, you witness the awareness of balance with both the physical and spiritual aspects and how this awareness brings release, resolution and choice.


Learning to witness the Other in the Akashic Records requires a letting go and an expansion within.

An Akashic Record Reading for Other is successful when you learn to allow the flow to move toward you without your own inner blocks of judgment and expectation obstructing the flow. Releasing these blocks comes as an expansion of how you think of yourself and how you connect with yourself and others. Scary at first, but ultimately illuminating and uplifting both for yourself and whoever you read for.


The primary challenge in this next step of study in the Akashic Records is always about Integrity.

Willingness to risk your balance, wholeness and truth. Integrity is about balance, being at your work, and taking care of the consequences when you aren’t able to show up as you expected. In the Akashic Records of Other, integrity is present when you keep your stuff out of the other’s sacred space. Knowing where you begin and leave off. Moving toward and standing within authentic you.

The process of opening the Akashic Records for Other is integrated with a set of agreements and a framework which provides an ethical foundation and maintains integrity within any entrance into the Akashic Records.


You commit to this level of your Akashic Records study because you understand that taking this step continues the process begun in Sage Path 100.

Most people enter this Sage Path 200 study program not because they want to become an Akashic Record Reader (though that is certainly a possibility), but because they know in their hearts this is the next step in their spiritual journey. And they are ready to . . . . commit!


Moving beyond self, opening the Akashic Records of Other expands your willingness to engage your highest expression in the deepest way possible in this moment, Now.

In Sage Path 200, Other means any flow of energy that is not you.

Thus, in addition to learning how to work with other people, you will also learn how to work with the Akashic Records of animals, plants, buildings, and other flows of energy.


A strengthening of the inner you leads to awareness of the infinite connection you have with All.

As your work in Sage Path 200 progresses, you become more aware of connection beyond your expectations, beyond your judgments.

You stand in awe of your divine connection and the connection of all to ALL.

Sage Path 200 Includes:

Opening the Akashic Records for Other continues your journey on the Sage Path.

Other means any energy flow not your own and is thus more than just learning to open the Akashic Records for another person.

Like Sage Path 100, this level is a mentored process done individually with Cheryl and includes group practice and the following study modules – all of which must be finished for successful completion.

The New Akashic Records and Many Paths, One Mountain – both by Cheryl.

Find purchase information here.

Through a self-inventory and guidance from Cheryl, you take stock of where you have been so far on your journey.

This self-study module investigates the concept of becoming a witness within the Akashic Records for Other.  Not about opinion or judgment, within the Akashic Records of Other, the Witness holds the sacred space of the Akashic Record Reading.

This is a two to three-hour workshop completed directly with Cheryl and possibly other students.  The workshop is scheduled as convenient for all.

This self-study module reviews the unique requirements for opening the Akashic Records for a flow of energy which is not a person.  While not complicated, there are specific details which must be followed to maintain integrity with the Akashic Records.

Through six self-study modules, partner practice, and practice reports to Cheryl, you can understand the dynamics of an Akashic Record Reading and how to offer a Reading of quality.  Topics covered include:  Characteristics of a Quality Reading; Opening and Closing Dialogues; Focus, Concentration, and Absorption; Resilience and Strength; and Integrity.

Cheryl offers and requires participation in Connection Clinic, a monthly 90-minute, group study call.  Connection Clinic works specifically with any issues, blocks, or resistance that a student may have in accessing the Akashic Records.  This call also offers the group work and community participation which will greatly assist students in their individual journeys. When time allows, Cheryl also will include individual and group practice in the Akashic Records.  If the scheduled times do not work for you, participation may be completed by listening to the call recording and completing feedback.

To complete SP200, each student completes six practice reports.  Generally the reports are submitted monthly though a different pace may be determined for your by your needs and in consultation with Cheryl.  The practice report is available online with the other study material.

Within Level 200 you receive four hours of Private Study with Cheryl.

These sessions are in addition to the workshop hours.

Additional hours of Private Study are available for an additional fee.

In six, required partner practices you both offer and receive an Akashic Record Reading with other students. Readings are conducted by phone and by Skype. You schedule these experiences at your convenience.

Cheryl holds all students in the sacred space of the workshop circle and all work and practices of the workshop are conducted within the circle prior to the Public Declaration of Intent. To prepare each student to step into the public aspect of the Akashic Records, Cheryl has created a process to be clear about your intention with work in the Akashic Records to complete Level 200.

This process of Intention helps you be clear about your intentions as an Akashic Record Reader — whether you intend to be paid for your service — and prepares you to offer Readings outside of the Workshop Circle.

Successful completion of all Level 100 and Level 200 courses are requirements for completing this process of intent and offering Akashic Record Readings outside of the workshop circle.

Prior to completing this Declaration process, students do NOT offer Readings outside of the workshop circle – even to family or friends.

Prerequisites for the Sage Path 200:

Successful completion of Sage Path 100

Sage Path 200

Opening Your Own Akashic Records
Program Fee: $1750
Payments: one payment of $750 and two payments of $500

Sage Path 200 Registration

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