Akashic Records Practice Guidelines

Akashic Records Practice is for focused experience to complete all course requirements and to begin development as an Akashic Record Reader with clear professional boundaries.

Since I began teaching, I have always created a space for students to obtain practice based on two beliefs. First, practice must maintain the sanctity of our Agreements. Two, family and friends are the worst points of practice for the beginning student.

Practice done with respect for and guidance within our Agreements with the Akashic Records provides an avenue for the student to experience and learn about the deeper nuances of opening for Other which cannot be gained within a two-hour workshop. Engagement with the Akashic Records over time supports personal growth and development and thus will impact and support the growth of the Reader.

This is truth no matter your current or future intention for connection with the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Practice approximates as much as possible a professional Akashic Record Reading environment. This includes both confidentiality and privacy.

To do this, we need as a group to be clear about the intention of practice. Instead of a group of friends supporting each other, we are a group of friendly professionals who honor self and Other within the tenets of confidentiality and privacy.

Confidentiality in an exchange is about who has the right of disclosure. In an Akashic Record Reading, disclosure of the content of the Reading rests with the person’s whose Records were opened. Except to seek assistance from me within a learning context, the Reader does not disclose the content of a Reading to anyone for any reason.

Privacy is about the right of personal disclosure either before, during, or after a Reading. Within a Reading this right rests with both the Reader and the Receiver. Though it is up to the Reader to maintain the boundary and honor the privacy of the person for whom they have opened the Akashic Records. Practically this means that the Reader does not request information from the Receiver unless directed specifically by the Akashic Records.

In practice, privacy is not asking for personal disclosure from the person you open for except by direction of the Records within the Reading. All you may ask for is full legal name. Any other bits of personal information are not to be requested for any reason especially outside of the Reading.

For example, you enjoy a Reading from a fellow student during Practice. When the Reading is concluded, you ask for the person’s email address so that you may practice outside of scheduled practices. While seemingly benign, this is a request for personal disclosure and thus intrudes on privacy.

As an Akashic Record Reader, whether or not you decide to provide Readings on a professional basis (ie, accept payment for the Reading), it is up to you to establish and maintain boundaries. You are not providing a Reading to become someone’s friend. You are not acting in a professional manner if you allow the boundary to be crossed.

Take it from me, I know how hard this distinction can be. I enjoy most of my clients and because of what is brought to many Readings is profound and deeply intimate, I get to know people in ways few do. Nonetheless, it is up to me to maintain a professional boundary and be clear that I am engaging with the person because they requested the Reading. To bring anything else into the exchange is not appropriate. To request anything from the person I read for is disrespectful of their individual privacy.

I want to support a sense of community with my students but not at the expense of either confidentiality or privacy. I want folks to get along and learn about each other. However, not every student is here for the same reason nor has the same interest of involvement.

I’m not saying that folks can’t or shouldn’t become friends. I am saying that friendship is a secondary outcome of the primary intention of developing and experiencing the highest levels of professionalism and mastery possible for everyone. Therefore, I say we are not a group of friends – rather a group of friendly professionals.

Over the years some of my current friends began as client or student. I held these individuals at arm’s length as they made their way through their learning process. It was only after they were finished and only after a direct and specific conversation did I allow these people to cross the line I held for them into friendship.

You, as Akashic Record Reader, need to understand this boundary from the very beginning of your experience. Respect for and experience of the boundary must be firmly established and maintained. Thus, Akashic Records Practice becomes the vehicle for you to establish the boundary necessary as a Reader and respect the boundaries of your fellow student Readers.

Therefore, as a student, practice will only occur within scheduled Akashic Records Practices.

Akashic Records Practice Guidelines

Akashic Records Practice will support both individual and group work.

Individual work: you desire to both open and receive. Generally this is Level Two practice but is certainly not limited to Level Two.

Group work: you are in Level Three or Four and want to complete the required practice with more than one other Reader.

The Practice Facilitator will arrange exchanges according to each student desired work path stated at the beginning of practice.

Students must register to attend Practice and are expected to arrive on time and stay through the entirety of the Practice. 

Level One: the individual practice in your Akashic Records will continue to be study and experience that you do on your own. Attendance at scheduled Akashic Records Practices is not required or expected.

Level Two: The requirement is to complete a minimum of twelve scheduled Akashic Records Practices (a total of providing 24 and receiving 24 Readings) before completing your Clarity Protocol. Until your Clarity Protocol is complete, you may not do Readings, even for students, outside of Akashic Records Practice, Monthly Seminar, or any other official event or master class. The individual work at this level relies on the question sets in the Level Two course and can only include one personal question in each Reading received.

Level Three & Level Four: Practice required at this level is only completed within a scheduled Akashic Records Practice. Practice may either be individual or group.

Exchange of Personal Information: Do not ask for personal contact information from another student. However, you may offer personal contact information either directly or via Zoom chat for the purposes of practice only if you have completed your Clarity Protocol. If you don’t hear back from the student don’t do the following: assume the person doesn’t like you, pass judgment on them, forget that you are here for your learning and expansion and that making friends is not a priority within your learning process. For example, no response may simply be because the student has not completed the Clarity Protocol.

Any offer is made only in the context of requesting practice outside of scheduled Akashic Records Practice.

Akashic Records Practice is not a place to get free Akashic Record Readings, fish for clients, evaluate and judge ability, or disrespect yourself and others.

Maintain your Agreements with the Akashic Records as you engage with practices.

Before you complete your Clarity Protocol, you only do Akashic Records Readings for Other within the Workshop Circle and Akashic Records Practices. 

In any practice, whether in a scheduled practice, Monthly Seminar or other workshops or classes, you only use the Akashic Record opening process which I have shared with you.

During Practice it is not appropriate to offer any other type of service to another student for any reason whatever, nor is it time for you to sell/offer/talk about other healing or energy modalities.

If you feel uncomfortable about something which occurs during Practice or appears to be a violation of these guidelines, please contact Cheryl. You are not being a snitch. Instead, you are expressing how you feel to your teacher and seeking assistance and advice.


Violation of these guidelines may result in expulsion from all learning programs or workshops without refund and entirely at Cheryl’s discretion.

Good to Know!

Regrettably, there are those few people who will not pay attention to these guidelines. They see practice as a benefit for personal gain either by moving the focus outside of practice, by demanding extra or all the time, or by trying to sell a particular point of view, product, or service. There is very little I can do to police or stop this behavior. This is why I ask you to communicate with me if you feel uncomfortable for any reason.

To register for Akashic Records Practice, use this link: