Getting Practice

You have all that you need to be able to open the Akashic Records for Other: Agreements, Blessing, and Process.

What you are missing is simple: PRACTICE!

In Level Two, you have three outlets for PRACTICE and information:

  • Akashic Records Monthly Seminar
  • Akashic Records Practice
  • Student Archive

Akashic Records Monthly Seminar — the place to get questions answered and to practice connecting with the Akashic Records.

Look in the first section of this course for instructions on registering and attending.

Attend!! Learn!! Experience firsthand what it means to open for Other.

Student Archive:

If the dates or times for Monthly Seminar don’t work for you, go to the Archive for recordings from previous and current events.

MUST KNOW: You are at point in your journey where you need practice with as many people as you can muster within the constraints of your schedule, therefore:

Akashic Records Practice

All the students ready to practice with you!

Here’s where you find partners to finish the assignments in Section Three and beyond.

Maybe you are nervous about reaching out? Maybe you are not sure if you will do well?

Know that everyone else is at least as nervous as you!

You got this!

If you have questions, reach out, let me know!!