Lesson Eleven: Coherence


In love and Light, I am able to experience and trust my wholeness.


Focus begins to build strength.

Concentration emerges.

Absorption completes the motion.

Within a coherent experience, you are finding the joy of experience of opening the Akashic Records for Other.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 467-469

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 26

Question Set

Arrange a Reading Exchange and ask these questions in the Reading you receive:

1. How can focus, concentration and absorption move me into an experience of coherence when I provide an Akashic Record Reading?

2. How does my intellectual mind create barriers for me in focusing on what is within an Akashic Record Reading?

3. What is my truth today about coherence when conducting an Akashic Record Reading?

4. How can I experience coherence within an Akashic Record Reading? Within my life?

Several days after receiving the Reading, open your Akashic Records and ask these questions again.

Optional Expansion Path

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 691-695

This is also How to Navigate the Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey, Lesson 36