Lesson Forty-Five: Progression Summary


I stand open to explore my intention with the Akashic Records.


In my original Akashic Records study program, the sixth month of the course required extensive effort from the student to evaluate experience gained and to investigate opportunities available.

Before you go any further, please re-read both sets of Agreements with the Akashic Records.

Also, please look into your Akashic Records Journal and look through the work you have done.

Remind yourself about where you started and where you are today.

The work in this lesson is to help you begin to explore moving beyond the Workshop Circle.

This is how you begin to explore your intention.

My best advice: be open to possibility.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 542-544

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 47

Question Set

Part I — Initial Personal Summary

Referring to your Reading Log, think of two or three Readings you have provided in your studies. For each Reading answer these questions without opening your Records. After answering, create a summary for yourself and an action plan if needed.

1.        From your point of view, how did the Reading you provided go?

2.        What did you learn about yourself as an Akashic Record Reader from this Reading?

3.        In what way did you get in the way of the flow of the Reading? What can you do to shift this?

4.        How does this Reading encourage you to expand and move forward as an Akashic Record Reader?

Part II — Exploration Summary

First open your Akashic Records; ask these questions. Then, ask these questions in at least two Readings you receive within Akashic Records Practice. Take notes during the Readings you receive.

1.        As a Witness in the Akashic Records, what challenges remain before me?

2.        What needs attention to improve my ability to hold sacred space for Other?

3.        As a speaker of truth, what barriers to truth’s clearest expression do I hold and need to release? How?

4.        What has been my greatest challenge in reading for Other? What can I do about this challenge in the next six months?

Looking at your notes and your Akashic Records journal, begin with the responses of the first question. Summarize in one or two paragraphs the important points. Make a summary for the other questions. With the summaries, you have an awareness of what lies before you in your Akashic Records studies. Take steps to address anything which needs attention now.

Part III — Concluding Personal Summary

At Akashic Records Practice, ask these questions in at least two Readings you receive. After both Readings, open your Records and ask the same questions.

1.        Ask one or two questions of your choosing related to the information from either Part I or Part II above (same questions in all Readings).

2.        Am I ready to read the Akashic Records for Other outside the workshop circle? Why or why not?

3.        What is my path as a Witness in the Akashic Records?

Take some time to reflect on your journey and where you’d like to go from here.