Lesson Forty-Four: Clarity Protocol


I am ready to explore my intention as an Akashic Record Reader for Other.


Feeling ready to venture beyond the Workshop Circle and provide Akashic Record Readings to non-students in some capacity?

Whether you decide to provide Readings to family and friends or decide to just stick to opening the Akashic Records within advanced study, I ask that you be clear about your intention as an Akashic Record Reader.

If you decide to provide Akashic Record Readings within a professional capacity, you need to be intently clear about all aspects of engagement with the Akashic Records and with clients.

How do you know when to begin your Clarity Protocol?

First you need to have completed all of this Level Two course.

You can go back to the first section of the course and find the Successful Completion lesson.

There’s even a checklist to help you if you didn’t pick it up the first time through.

If you feel ready, then follow the directions of Lesson Forty-Five through Lesson Forty-Eight.

But even after completion, you may not feel ready.

Go ahead and move on to Lesson Forty-Five and read about the three levels of intention.

Then read through Lesson Forty-Six: Setting Intention.

This will help you think through about your readiness and why you don’t feel now is the time.

Or it may be that reading through this will help you release whatever is creating a sense that now is not the time.

This isn’t something with a set timeline — like must do within three months.

Nope, this is about how you feel about your readiness.

If you need help, reach out and let me know.

The bottom line: trust yourself to know when it is the time to declare your readiness to move outside the workshop circle.

Clarity Protocol Private Study

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are getting started in the right direction.

Or sometimes half way through you feel like you hit a block.

Maybe you aren’t sure that the time is right. Or maybe you aren’t sure of your intentions.

Whenever you’d like to connect with me and work out the bumps in your process of doing your Clarity Protocol, here is a scheduling link for a 30-minute Private Study: https://cherylmarlene.as.me/L2ClarityPS

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 539-541

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 46