Lesson Forty-Seven: Creating Your Client Information Sheet


Whatever my intent, I want to be clear with each person I provide an Akashic Record Reading.


Begin by re-reading my Client Information Sheet: https://www.cherylmarlene.com/client-information/

Know you aren’t needing to write a huge book.

My client sheet is what it is after 25-years of working with folks around the world.

There are definitely items in there that I really didn’t think I needed to say — but, experience taught me otherwise.

My best advice: start simple and adjust as experience provides direction and expansion points.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 549-553

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 49

Question Set

To complete this practice, gather what you need, and follow these steps.

Part I

To construct the first section, begin by writing an answer to this question: What are the Akashic Records?

In your Akashic Records, ask these questions:

1.        In addition to: use your common sense, our work together is spiritual, and my commitment to confidentiality, are there additional elements of an Akashic Record Reading of which I will inform the Receiver before I provide an Akashic Record Reading?

2.        What does it mean for a client to use their common sense in an Akashic Record Reading?

3.        What does it mean for a client that an Akashic Record Reading is provided as spiritual support?

4.        What is confidentiality in an Akashic Record Reading, and how do I maintain this level of confidentiality?

5.        Ask for a definition of any other elements received in the first question.

Part II

To construct the second section, begin by asking these questions in your Akashic Records:

1.        What responsibilities do I have toward my clients in providing an Akashic Record Reading?

2.        What responsibilities does the Receiver have in receiving an Akashic Record Reading from me?

Make a list of administrative items which need to be covered in your client information sheet. These will include, but are not limited to, contact information, how to schedule an appointment, rates, payment, appointment types and length, cancellations, no-shows, refunds, re-scheduling, and late-starts.

Part III

Put together everything that came from Part I and Part II on one page, listing the administrative details second. Edit as necessary. Decide how you will convey this to a new client before a Reading.

My Client Information Sheet: https://www.cherylmarlene.com/client-information/