Lesson Forty-Three: Sacred Sites


There are times when I wish I could just spend every day within the energy of sacred sites.

It’s so powerful and educational.

Know that it is not necessary to be on location.

You may open for sacred sites from afar.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 534-535

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 45

Question Set

For a general understanding about sacred sites, ask these questions in your Akashic Records.

1.        What is sacred?

2.        What makes a location or structure sacred?

3.        What makes a site sacred for me?

4.        Where does the sense of balance, connection and alignment come from within a sacred site?

5.        In which sacred sites on the Earth today do I find alignment and support? Why?

6.        What topics or questions do I ask about sacred sites?

Select a sacred site, consult your Akashic Records for permission to open and a full legal name. Ask the following questions and add your own.

1.        What is the origin of this site?

2.        What is the sacred story associated from this site? Where does this story originate?

3.        What imbues the sense of sacred within this location or structure?

4.        Was the location considered sacred before the construction of the structure? Why?

5.        Does the sense of sacred come from an alignment with Earth’s energy?

6.        How does alignment with Earth’s energy function within this site or structure?