Lesson Nineteen: Client Information Sheet


In creating an Opening and Closing Dialogue, considering your Client Information Sheet is a good idea.

Not that you need to fully establish it right now.

However, this is a good time to begin thinking about what needs to be included — even if you never do these Readings professionally.

Even if your Client Information Sheet is only a couple of sentences.

Like everything in the Akashic Records, this is about intention and being clear about intention.

The Client Information Sheet establishes your intention.

I want you to begin thinking about this now.

You can begin creating it if you’d like.

When you get to the completion of the course, you will be directed to put in your Client Information Sheet based on the Intention you declare.

Read ahead and take time to consider as you practice and gain experience.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 549-553

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 49

My Client Information Sheethttps://www.cherylmarlene.com/client-information/