Lesson Seventeen: Opening Dialogue


I willingly accept responsibility for clearly opening an Akashic Record Reading for Other.


It might seem a bit premature to discuss how you begin an Akashic Record Reading because you don’t have much experience yet.

However, now is the perfect time for you to begin to be aware of how you establish the parameters of a Reading for whoever you open for.

This is the beginning of a process which will continue for as long as you open for Other.

What you come to in this lesson will be refined over time, with experience.

You will become more aware of how you want to be an Akashic Record Reader — maybe professionally, maybe just for your learning and exploration.

Either way, you need to become aware of how you begin, what you say, and how you hold the Reading to respond to the deepest expression of Other.

My best advice: keep it simple.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 440-444

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 19

Question Set

To create your Opening Dialogue, follow these steps:

Part I

In your Akashic Records, ask these questions:

1.    What does the Receiver need from me prior to opening his or her Akashic Records?

2.     What do I need from the Receiver prior to opening his or her Akashic Records?

Part II

Arrange a Reading Exchange and in the Akashic Record Reading you receive, ask the following questions:

1.    What blocks me from being fully present in my life?

2.    What support do I need to improve my connection with the Akashic Records?

3.     What gets in my way of communicating clearly when I conduct an Akashic Record Reading?

Based on the information you received above, in Part I, ask 1 or 2 questions of your own to help create your Opening Dialogue.

Part III

Create Your Own Opening Dialogue:

Please re-read this section, paying attention to the how and why of my opening.

Based on the information you have received in the preceding parts of this practice, think about what you must communicate to the Receiver prior to a Reading.

Make a list of these items and arrange them in order of what needs to be said first to last.

From this list, create your Opening Dialogue. Adjust as needed.

Use this Dialogue in the next Reading you provide.

As you use your Dialogue, adjust until you feel in balance with its use.