Lesson Thirty-Nine: Animal Kingdom


In this lesson, you step into learning about Guardian Energy.

It’s what the Records have asked me to call the energy which holds the form of its group.

As you will see, Guardian energy is very focused and inclusive.

Working with Guardian energy will have a healing balance effect.


Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 521-524

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 41

Question Set

Part I

Open your Akashic Records and ask these questions:

1.        What is my primary source of support within the Animal Kingdom?

2.        How do I access this source within the Akashic Records?

3.        How can this kingdom help me feel safe on Earth?

4.        What does this source want me to know about our connection with the Animal Kingdom?

Part II

Open the Akashic Records of Mother Earth (full legal name: Mother Earth and Planet Earth) and ask the following questions:

1.        What are the Guardians of the Animal Kingdom?

2.        Within the Akashic Records, how do I connect with the Guardians of the Animal Kingdom? How do I connect with the Guardians of an individual classification?

3.        Within the Akashic Records, how is connecting with the Guardians different from connecting with an individual species (or classification)?

4.        Beyond the Akashic Records, how may I connect with the Guardians of the Animal Kingdom?

5.        What message do you have for me in working with the Guardians of the Animal Kingdom?

Part III

Open the Akashic Records of the Guardians of the Animal Kingdom as directed and ask these questions:

1.        What is the primary intention of the Animal Kingdom here on Earth?

2.        What connection exists between the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth/Planet Earth?

3.        What is the primary nature (or intention) between the Animal Kingdom and humanity?

4.        How is the Animal Kingdom connected to Earth from a galactic/universal point of view?

5.        What are my primary aspects to work with within the Animal Kingdom? (Ask for at least two different classes and then an individual species within the class. For example, if the class is insects, ask for a specific insect.)

6.        As I work with individual aspects of this Kingdom, what topics do I research, or questions do I ask?

Part IV

Based on your personal interests and the information you received, please choose three aspects of the Animal Kingdom to work with using these guidelines:

•          At least two different classes are included. In other words, don’t pick three mammals.

•          At least one is something you know very little about.

•          At least one you feel very close to and are excited to know more.

Develop a set of questions to ask about each aspect. At least 2 questions are specific to the individual aspect. For example, you could have 4 standard questions you use for each and 2 different questions for each of the aspects. The questions help you understand about each of the following:

•          Origin and intention

•          Relationship with Earth and with Humanity

•          Guidance, healing and balancing effects (i.e. what is their medicine?)

•          Message for you

•          Connections with other Kingdoms

•          Color associations

The objective is to find out as much as you can about the three aspects you have chosen.