Lesson Thirty-Three: Perfect Action


In each moment, I release the fear which limits my becoming.


Occasionally, I get clients who phrase every question with “perfect.”

What’s my perfect job?

What’s my perfect place to live?

What’s my perfect spiritual practice?

I understand these questions to be a quest to find that which is properly aligned with the soul and which expresses the perfection of being.

It’s a search which we are trained early on to believe is the only legitimate cause for life itself: to be perfectly expressing individual soul purpose.

How can you get to this perfect expression if you don’t know why you are here and what you are perfectly suited to do in employment, in family, or in life itself?

Perfect action embodies this false justification.

Use this lesson to explore your erroneous notion about perfect action — be surprised and ready to let go of you know not what!

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 506-507

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 36

Question Set

Arrange a Reading Exchange and ask these questions in the Reading you receive.

1.        How do I get stuck trying to find the right answer within the Akashic Records?

2.        How does my sense of unworthiness keep me stuck in the search for perfect action?

3.        What is my basic fear which fuels my perfectionism?

4.        How can I joyfully embrace the unknown within an Akashic Record Reading?