Lesson Twenty-Eight: Vulnerability


I release the demand for certainty in all moments.


A student once said to me, “Cheryl, really? Blind trust? You want me to always bring blind trust to opening the Akashic Records?”

I was surprised, this was an advanced student.

The question wasn’t posed within open-hearted realization.

Instead, it was an accusation — a statement of disbelief that I was asking not only the impossible but the ridiculous.

As the conversation continued, this was a person who had not gotten the “you can’t control this” idea.

Nor the concept that this is not about perfection.

While every moment of opening the Akashic Records is a practice of profound trust — for you cross the threshold without sight of exactly what lies beyond.

Instead of using the word blind — I would use vulnerable.

Opening the Akashic Records is an act of vulnerability.

For you are without a doubt leaning into uncertainty without expectations.

Be vulnerable.

Here’s a response I made to a student’s question, “What is vulnerability in the Akashic Records?”

What is vulnerability in the Akashic Records?

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 478-481

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 29

Question Set

Gather what you need, open your Akashic Records, and ask these questions. 

1.        What pulls me out of my inner truth to search for truth outside myself?

2.        Energetically, how can I understand vulnerability in my life?

3.        What fears do I have about the unexpected or the unknown?

4.        How can I lean into uncertainty within the Akashic Records? Within my life?

Arrange an Exchange; ask these same questions in the Reading you receive. Compare responses, and then open your Akashic Records and ask this question:

•          How can I lean into uncertainty without expectation?

Vulnerable Absorption: https://www.cherylmarlene.com/vulnerable-absorption/

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