Lesson Twenty-Five: Static and Dynamic


I stand ready to experience life within the continuum between the static and the dynamic.


By now, you should be getting how important it is to understand the greatly expanded perspective by understanding the Static and Dynamic views.

Within the Akashic Records for Other, openness to these concepts will greatly expand possibility within a Reading.

It’s important to get that it’s not just about seeing everything from the Dynamic View.

Instead, it is first about having awareness of the expansion possible because you are learning to view all energy flows beyond the physical perspective.

Then it is about learning that it is possible to shift perspectives along the continuum as needed and requested.

This shift means you can go from the 1000-foot level to the 100,000-foot level and back as the flow and motion of the Akashic Records guide.

You are no longer stuck with one pair of limiting glasses.

Instead, vision flows within infinite possibility.

Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 453-456

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 22

 Question Set

Arrange a Reading Exchange and in the Reading you receive, ask these questions.

1.        Does the motion of energy flow freely within me, or is this motion hindered in some way?

2.        How is my perception limited by the static view?

3.        What one thing can I shift to view life from the dynamic view?

4.        What will facilitate spiritual-physical integration within me?

5.        How do I access the dynamic view of my soul?

6.        Create one or two questions to ask about the static and dynamic views.

Review this lesson on the Dynamic and Static Views: The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 214-218. This is also Open Your Akashic Records, Lesson 27