Lesson Twenty: What is Confidentiality within Our Agreements?


In honor of myself and my Agreements with the Akashic Records, I will always maintain confidentiality with my work in the Akashic Records.


Confidentiality is about being clear about disclosure.

When you maintain confidentiality, you are acknowledging and honoring that disclosure is not yours.

Within an Akashic Record Reading, disclosure rests solely with the person receiving the Reading.

The Reader does not disclose the content of the Reading to anyone.

This also means that you will not disclose who you read for.

As a student of mine, you have also agreed to honor confidentiality within the Workshop Circle.

You may discuss your experience with whomever you choose.

But you will not disclose the experience of others.

Question Set

Open your Akashic Records, and ask these questions:

  • How can I maintain confidentiality within my work with the Akashic Records?
  • How is confidentiality related to integrity?
  • How is confidentiality related to truth?
  • How is confidentiality related to trust?