Lesson Two: Worthiness


As I begin my journey, I open myself to the worthiness of my being and the beautiful depth of my soul.


When you learn to open your Akashic Records, the journey is about trust — especially trusting yourself.

In learning to open the Akashic Records for Other, the journey is about self-worth.

Are you worthy to enter the sacred space of another and transmit the energy of that person’s deepest expressions?

 Reading Assignment

The Akashic Records Masterclass, pages 341-344

This is also Open the Akashic Records for Other, Lesson 3

Question Set

Gather what you need, open your Akashic Records, and ask these questions:

1. Do I trust myself? If not, how not?

2. At the deepest levels of my being, how does my lack of self-worth express itself?

3. What immediate steps can I take to embrace the truth of my worthiness?

4. How is love connected to my sense of self-worth?

5. What can I do today to open my heart and live vulnerably, openly, and in complete trust?

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