Level Two Workshop

You have now completed everything you need for your Level Two Workshop.

In this Workshop, I will bring all this together for you and answer any questions you may have.

When is my Level Two Workshop?

Your Level Two Workshop is the date and time your chose when you registered for this workshop.

Somewhere in your email is this information if you didn’t make note in your calendar.

If you can’t figure it out — no worries! Reach out by email to support@cherylmarlene.com.

We’ll find the date and time for you!

Also know that there will be a reminder 24 hours before you workshop.

This email will have the Zoom link to use to join the workshop.

Please arrive 5 minutes early.

Bring pen and paper to take notes.

Bring (or have access) to the Reader’s Packet you have downloaded.

Have your copy of The Akashic Records Masterclass close by.

A glass of water is also a good idea.

As is a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for 90 minutes.