I am excited that you are here and beginning this journey!

Opening the Akashic Records for Other is such an amazing process and will take you into yourself and into the universal mysteries in ways you can’t imagine!

Where to begin?

There are a couple of things to do all at once!

First, you need to schedule a Private Study session with me. In this 60-minute session I will go over the Agreements, Blessing, and opening process and help you to open for Other for the first time!

To prepare for this session, you need to complete within this online course:

  • Section One: Prepare for Your Journey and
  • Section Two: The Process of Opening for Other

When you schedule give yourself enough time to do this work.

Use this link to schedule: https://cherylmarlene.as.me/L2FTOther.

Next, if you don’t yet have a digital copy of Akashic Records Masterclass, please download your free copy here. In Section Two of this course you will find your first reading assignments from this book — the reading to complete before your Private Study session with me.

Next, two more helpful documents to download:

Reader’s Packet – bring this to your Private Study session with me.

Level Two Successful Completion Checklist

This checklist has all the requirements for successfully completing this course and all the reading assignments by lesson. While the online course does track finished lessons, students often appreciate a paper copy to refer to while offline.

Now it’s time to read through the details provided in Section One of this course. Look to the left and you can see all the sections and all the lessons in each section.

Then move on to Section Two where you find the reading assignments to complete before your private study session with me — don’t to forget to schedule this session with me if you haven’t already: https://cherylmarlene.as.me/L2FTOther.

After the Private Study session you will begin with Section Three and participate in Akashic Records Practices.

Additionally, you will continue to attend Monthly Seminar — use this link to register: https://cherylmarlene.as.me/MonthlySeminar

After the Private Study session with me, you will complete the practices in Sections Three, Four, and Five in the scheduled Akashic Records Practices. When you have finished Lessons 17, 18, and 19, you will make a Private Study appointment with me to discuss your Opening and Closing Dialogue and the beginning of your Client Information Sheet. Section Six takes you through the process of opening the Akashic Records for non-human and terrestrial energy. The practices in this section can be done on your own.

Once you have these sections are complete, you will finish the Clarity Protocol which helps you determine how you want to be available to open the Akashic Records for Other outside of this course.

Until you finish the Clarity Protocol, you are agreeing to only open the Akashic Records for Others within Monthly Seminar, Akashic Records Practices, and any other workshops or events that I organize for students.

Essentially, to complete the course, you go section by section, lesson by lesson until you reach the end!

There’s a lot to complete in this course!

If you have any questions about what to do, please reach out and email: support@cherylmarlene.com