Seven Things You Might Not Know about Cheryl


I love reading urban fantasy! Why?? Well, it?s a great diversion from the seriousness of my work.? Helps me relax at night.? Plus I love the strong female characters that are in many of the series I read.? My favorite authors include Ilona Andrews, Patrick Rothfuss and Patricia Briggs.


I have a standing order with my daughter for any 11th to 15th century illuminated manuscript. I love books and even more so handmade books.? The illumination of old manuscripts are beautiful works of art holding the spirit of both the color and word on the page as well as the script?s creator.? I figure if my daughter is ever able to get one for me, I will have the ability to keep it safe and preserve it for future generations.


By the time I was ten years old, I had visited three continents and ten countries. When I was nine years old and my sisters eight and three, my parents took us on a two month trip to Africa and Europe.? We visited Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and what were at the time Zambia, Rhodesia and Zaire.? The highlights of the trip were seeing Ngorongoro Crater in Kenya, staying in a jungle village in Zaire for 4 weeks, and a cruise of the Aegean Islands for 10 days.? Since that time, I have traveled to Japan, China, most of Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, New Zealand, and the Cook Islands.


I speak Japanese fairly well and can read and write it with the flair of a sixth grader. Though my first trip to Japan was with my family in 1972, I have lived there twice for one year and visited seven other times including a 3.5 week stay two weeks after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011.? I love the rhythm of Japan, feeling very much like home.? I?m always up for a visit and so much I would still like to see.


My first job out of college I learned how to make custom-blended perfume. My mother opened a franchise store of a French perfume company and hired me to be the manager.? Part of the offerings were custom-blended products including perfume and bubble bath.? For a long time after that job, I didn?t care for fragrance at all.? Though now I love essential oils and use one called Whisper as my primary getting-dressed-up fragrance.? Sandalwood is my most favorite scent ever.

The vision of a closet full of sexy red dresses got me out of the depression of divorce. I have written about this in Kissing Frogs, Goddess Emerging.? Right now I have four sexy red dresses, two on order, and still looking for more.? Seriously ? I don?t think it is possible to have too many.


I love red! As if that weren?t obvious!! Since my divorce, almost everything I buy is red including a new vacuum cleaner, a living room rug, my flannel duvet cover, and my yoga towel.


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