Soul Energy Dynamics #1

This article is part of a brief primer about Soul Energy Dynamics, Cheryl’s unique explanation of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

1. Energy flows on a continuum from potential to form.

Energy exists on a continuum with potential on one end and form at the other.

Energy is always in motion along this continuum.

All energy is either potential, form, or part of the flow somewhere in between.

The energy continuum is neither two nor three dimensional, it is infinite and eternal.

Each point of the continuum is the timeless Now, with infinite possibility for the next Now.

Both hard to imagine and hard to draw, the energy flow on each and every point of the continuum is in an infinite number of directions, spiraling through the infinity of experience and form.

In the still point between moments is the infinite possibility of potential available to express as form.

Potential is the vast possibility of the universe intrinsic within energy.

Potential, allied with intention, steps forward from the great unknown, becoming source for realizing this moment of desire and dream, this moment of being and becoming.

Form is the creative manifestation of potential’s intention.

As Potential moves along the continuum to form, intention grows steadily, until potential becomes its desired form.

All energy repeats this eternal cycle: potential flowing to form, then releasing as form, energy returning to potential.

While the acorn may not fall far from the mighty oak, both acorn and oak are expressions of potential and of form.

Energy is potential.

Energy is form.

The continuum of energy exists within All That Is.

All That Is encompasses all known, unknown, and unknowable and contains both chaos and order, forever beyond, and yet eternally within.

All That Is is described as a box, not because that is what it is, but because the lines of the box illustrate the limits of knowing, reminder that there is much that may never be consciously known beyond the edges of the box.

All That Is: everything inside and outside the box.

Words cannot encompass the indescribable totality of All That Is.

The mind cannot comprehend the whole, only parts, while the heart can feel connection with the eternal essence of All That Is.

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