Soul Energy Dynamics #2

This article is part of a brief primer about Soul Energy Dynamics, Cheryl’s unique explanation of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

2. Energy has three characteristics: motion, intention and knowing.

Any flow of energy has all three characteristics because one element cannot exist without the other two.

The quality or essence of the three can differ between physical forms but all three characteristics appear within all flows of energy.

1. Motion is shift, change.

  • Energy is always in motion.
  • Movement. Animation. Bringing to life. Creative spark.
  • From motion comes the perception of space as both a finite, defined form (can be measured) and an infinite, boundless form (cannot be measured).

2. Intention is desire for experience.

  • As the focused internal urge to participate, intention gives direction to motion.
  • Intention helps step into and unveil the mystery of All That Is.
  • Clarity of intention opens the door to observe experience and make choice about how to respond or participate.
  • Intention is not about a specific end.
  • Rather, intention is a focus on the desire of experience in this moment which may shift in any moment of the journey.

3. Knowing is how to know

  • Arising from potential, knowing is a process of becoming aware of what can be known.
  • In contrast, information is the content or form produced by this process.
  • Knowing is the witness of motion.
  • Appearing just before awareness happens, motion sparks awareness and begins the process of knowing.
  • When knowing as a personal process is compromised, personal truth is sought outside of self from the outer master, someone who will offer their form of truth.
  • The inner master is an inner source of truth within the heart and is supported by a clear process of knowing.
  • Beginning inside, the inner master brings awareness of inner truth through personal knowing.

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