Soul Energy Dynamics #4

This article is part of a brief primer about Soul Energy Dynamics, Cheryl’s unique explanation of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

4. Within All That Is, are two arenas of energetic experience: Non-Physical Reality and Physical Reality.

Non-Physical Reality, an ocean of pure potential, is the origin of the unknowable and the ineffable of divine source.

Filled with wave after wave of potential, Non-Physical Reality exists beyond form, beyond the quantum potential, within the origins of All That Is.

Emerging from the quantum potential, Physical Reality includes all expression of form from the daintiest photon to dense, consolidated physical forms such as planets, stars, and the human body.

Resistance is the motion of energy which assists in refining and clarifying intention.

Because resistance is in Physical Reality but not Non-Physical Reality, energy flows from Non-Physical Reality to Physical Reality in order to satisfy intention and manifest form.

At some moment, a wave in Non-Physical Reality realizes that it is an individual wave among an infinite number contained within All That Is and begins its journey from potential to form following intention.

In this moment of self-realization, the wave becomes particle.

As a focus of intention, this particle, still within Non-Physical Reality, is called the Soul Point.

The Soul Point is the soul’s origin and the focus of individual awareness.

In the moment the soul realizes its individual nature, the soul also consciously realizes that the whole of All That Is exists and wants to participate.

The soul sends intention into Physical Reality to manifest form looking to find an anchor within one of the many expressions of form available within Physical Reality.

To be on Earth, the soul responds to the intention Earth sends to help the soul follow intention and create form.

The intention of the soul joining with the intention of the earth joins and anchors the spiritual with the physical.

The connection of these intentions creates an energetic spark which produces the Human Energy Field.

Within this field the human body takes form receiving soul intention and Earth’s knowledge of physical form.

With you always, the connection between Soul Point and Human Energy Field, your Divine Connection, is eternal and unbreakable.

The spiritual journey leads to a discovery of this connection, revealing the expression of divinity within.

At physical death, when the physical anchor releases, Divine Connection becomes the path home to soul’s origin – the Soul Point.

In the same way, connection with the Earth cannot be destroyed.

From the Earth Connection, comes the physical stability of the human body, knowledge of the basic physical laws governing Earth, as well as the agreements of human existence.

With awareness of this powerful link comes the deep feelings of expansive connection with the natural world and the fullness of physical being.

The growing awareness of physical connection to Earth brings awareness of deeper spiritual possibilities.

When the time comes to return fully as potential to Soul Point, Earth gently releases her intention of holding space on Earth, freeing form to return to potential at the Soul Point.

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