Soul Energy Dynamics #5

This article is part of a brief primer about Soul Energy Dynamics, Cheryl’s unique explanation of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

5. Energy can be understood from both a static/linear point of view and a dynamic or infinite and eternal point of view.

The standard perception holds motion within three-dimensional space and thinks of time as a chronology of past, present, and future.

This is the Static View, limited to the linear.

Moving beyond linear boundaries, space becomes infinite in dimension and time is eternal within the Dynamic View.

In the Dynamic View time is not a straight line.

Instead, time flows infinitely and eternally from this moment like a fountain outward in the 360 degrees of a sphere.

Instead of of a chronology of events connected linearly, in the Dynamic View each moment now is connected through awareness of this present moment with the next.

When freed from a linear perspective, energetic motion is perceived as random or chaotic from the Static View.

The Akashic Records exist in Non-Physical Reality, outside of linear time, firmly within the Dynamic View.

Entering the Akashic Records is to see from the soul’s point of view which is decidedly not linear nor three-dimensional.

The Dynamic View completely shifts the energetic understanding of the Akashic Records.

No longer confined to explanations from the Static View, possibility and capacity expands.

For example, understood dynamically, the concept of memory is very different.

Within the Static View, memory is awareness of what happened in the past – what is remembered.

Within the Dynamic View, memory is awareness of connection between this moment and all moments, lifting perceptions into the infinite and eternal.

Opening the Akashic Records to ask a question, intention brings forward knowing of this moment.

The knowing is not static and neither recorded nor retrieved from the past.

Additionally, all energy flows within the Dynamic View and allows understanding of the Akashic Records to be more than what is perceived within the Static View.

No longer limited to library and book, or past life information, the Akashic Records are a dynamic connection between the soul and human awareness in this moment.

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