Soul Energy Dynamics #8

This article is part of a brief primer about Soul Energy Dynamics, Cheryl’s unique explanation of the energetics of the Akashic Records.

8. The energy of the Akashic Records is accessed at the Soul Point.

Each person’s Akashic Record exists within the energy of the Soul Point and Non-Physical Reality.

Eternal and infinite in character, the Akashic Records are beyond time and space, holding the promise of potential and the opportunity of form.

Rather than a physical body viewpoint, through the Akashic Records the perspective is from the soul’s point of view.

To enter the Akashic Records, extend awareness outside of the physical body, beyond the Human Energy Field, and “travel” past the resistance of Physical Reality, through Divine Connection, into the pure potential of Non-Physical Reality to the Soul Point.

Connection in the Akashic Records does not happen with only one point of contact.

Instead, the Akashic Records is a collective experience where there is soul to soul connection with the many and the One both as dialogue and as meditative integration.

Opening the Akashic Records is also an experience unique for each individual.

The flow of energy comes to everyone differently depending on intention, expectation, and need. Most often, the flow of energy feels like a conversation with others.

In the Akashic Records, the other are called the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and surround the Soul Point.

Truly it does not matter exactly who the others are because these guides, these keepers, are drawn forward by the individual in the moment of expressing intent.

In the Akashic Records, guides do dictate, they guide and are present as the reflectors, the witnesses, and the supporters of personal process.

The Loved Ones identify unlimited soul to soul connection.

Teachers are the energy of guidance and learning, reminders of the possibility of moving beyond outmoded boundaries of yesterday.

Masters transcend the individual and call forth the possibilities of alignment with the boundlessness and the divine.

The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones are also a soul’s Soul Group.

Though they may not appear when entering the Akashic Records, they receive intention and transmit responses in alignment with highest expression.

Each person will have a different group of Guides, which may appear to shrink or expand over time because this group also flows with the needs of the soul and body in each moment and across all moments.

Additionally, the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones for the most part stay nameless because they are not present for their own personal desires.

They are responding as witnesses to the intentions of the Soul they are invited to attend.

Each opening of the Akashic Records is a unique moment of the attention offered by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

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