Soul Healing Mentorship with Cheryl Marlene

Soul Release, Expansion & Integration in and beyond the Akashic Records

One-on-One Mentorship with Cheryl

What is Soul Healing?

Soul Healing finds balance and integration between physical and spiritual, clearing all connections within body, mind, heart and soul.

Soul Healing brings attention, facilitates release, and seeks balance.

Soul Healing holds the primary point of view as the soul and the soul’s journey to find coherence and resonance within physical manifestation.

Soul Healing supports individual mastery and deep spiritual growth and expansion.

Soul Healing always seeks to help shift awareness beyond the confines of linear time and existence.

Soul Healing embraces ascension as a process of going in to rise beyond the self-imposed limits of the horizon.

Soul Healing encourages exploration and reflection and patience.

Soul Healing happens in this moment now providing an energetic perspective to embrace patience and the positive aspects of the unexpected.

Soul Healing helps turn challenge into opportunity, judgment into understanding.

Where Does Soul Healing Take Place?

In Your Soul Channel

The Soul Channel is the energetic channel of your soul and your body.

The Soul Channel emerges from Divine Source, flows through the origin of your Soul into your current physical expression.

Soul Channel work is usually only done between incarnations.

The agreements on Earth of what it means to be human are shifting.

In this change, humanity is moving away from a physical domination into an integration of spiritual and physical expression.

To attain this level of spiritual-physical integration requires the ability to find healing balance across the entire continuum of soul/body experience and expression.

A process of ascension: rising up within to go beyond the limits of the physical horizon.

The Soul Channel has opened to facilitate this change.

The time is Now for Soul Healing.

The time is Now to take your next step and allow light emerging to move you forward.

Soul Healing Mentorship

This is a Mentorship because we are agreeing to work together for YOU throughout the year.

The focus is YOU and the release, growth and expansion which comes from focusing on YOU and the energetic flow of your Soul Channel.

Each Soul Healing session has three focus questions which can be supplemented by your experience since the last session or by your Akashic Records or by Cheryl.

The primary intent is to:

  • Offer you a place to show up,
  • Attend to whatever needs attending to and
  • Do so over a year’s time in a consistent and ritualized process.

Soul Healing Questions:

We always work with these three questions:

  • What if anything needs to be released, balanced, heard or otherwise attended to within my soul channel?

  • What outdated beliefs or erroneous notions need attention or release?
  • Is there anything within my soul or my physical expression which needs attention, balance or release?

Is Soul Healing Mentorship for YOU?

Schedule Soul Healing Mentorship with Cheryl:

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A Soul Healing Session is $250

In the Mentorship, you have a choice of the number of sessions you want within a year:

Quarterly (4)

Bi-monthly (6)

Monthly (12)

  • When you purchase a Soul Healing Mentorship package, you will receive a scheduling code.
  • You may use this code or the email address you entered to schedule your Soul Healing sessions with Cheryl. You are responsible for scheduling your sessions in a timely manner.
  • Cheryl’s scheduling program keeps track of the number of sessions you have signed up for and the number of sessions you have scheduled.
  • The Soul Healing Mentorship is designed to be a one year program and expires after 18 months from date of purchase.
  • Please note: there are no refunds once packages are purchased even if there are unused sessions. Sessions are not transferable.
  • Questions or Concerns? Please don’t hesitate to ask Cheryl!
  • Payment Plan — is available!┬áPlease contact Cheryl, let her know of your interest, and she will direct you in registering.

Or you may just schedule one session: