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Soul Messages

Individual Healing and Group Witness
Within and Beyond the Divine Assistance of the Akashic Records

Soul Messages are group phone calls guided by Cheryl as she works in and beyond the Akashic Records with participants.

The ease and comfort of Soul Messages is like gathering around the kitchen table for serious conversation with good friends.

Your Soul has this message for you:

Release FEAR

Embrace TRUTH & LOVE

Connect Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!


In its message to you, your soul ignites powerful healing and deep understanding through the energy of words, thoughts and feelings. A language of love to unlock whatever holds you back. Words of the heart which open your book and reveal your story so you can choose your way forward, letting go of whatever no longer serves the best of who you are and can become. From the sacred to the everyday, Soul Messages offers a unique perspective of your soul, resonating on all levels, connecting body, mind, heart and soul.

Say No to Fear

Fear has many sources, both internal and external. Out in the world, much can seem harmful, unexplainable, detrimental, frightening, frustrating.? Within, you feel a lack of understanding and you can feel stuck, held back, unable to find a way to release, to dig deeper, to move forward. Often fear’s origin or cause makes no sense and, even with effort, difficult to identify. Plus trauma, pain, anger, frustration, hangout with fear. And sometimes, to deal, fear is ignored, down-played, avoided.

Open Your Mind

When your mind allows your soul to speak, you take a step toward truth your soul’s truth sometimes hard to hear at first because fear can be so strong. But with small steps and an open heart and ears, the message from your soul makes it through, allowing you to find fear’s source and let go.

Open Your Heart

In the moment you open the door to truth, you also open your being to Love. Love is the ability to give full attention to the wholeness, to the fullness, to the infinite eternal motion of soul. And in this ability to give full attention, to connect with the unique expression of the soul before you and within you, connection is created heart to heart. Love is not a thing, love is your active expression.? Love is how we connect and how we engage with self and other. And then because love is not a one-way road, love is about how connection returns, bringing us together within self and within the ebb and flow of our universe.

Experience the Power of Community Witness

In the connection brought by truth and love, when we gather as a group and stand witness to the questions and healing responses for each individual, something very powerful emerges for everyone. To witness means to observe without judgment or criticism. To witness means to be present to whatever is within the other person. To witness other is also to be present to whatever moves within you as you observe.

When we gather as a group to witness we come in communion, an intimate, shared spiritual and emotional gathering of mindful individuals guided by truth and love. In Group Witness, we come in communion to observe and offer support in truth and in love. The interaction of the circle of group witness is strengthened both by the individual and the group, offering a powerful synergy based on truth and love.

The Result is Connection: Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

As you are able to release fear and embrace truth and love, you begin to find within you amazing connection. The perfectionist demands of body and mind begin to soften and open to the wisdom of heart and soul. Feelings and thoughts no longer feel like mine fields to be avoided. The trauma of life begins to ease allowing connection to guide and inform your life and your path forward.

The Power of Soul Messages

In the journey from fear to truth, there are two big obstacles:

  • It?s often difficult or frustrating to know what to do to move forward past fear
  • You?d rather not go alone into the source of your fear.

Soul Messages with Cheryl offers you exactly what’s needed to release fear:

  • Direction on your path of moving beyond Fear into Truth, Love and Connection
  • A community of support both divine and human, guided by Cheryl and her willingness and expertise to honor and respect you and your soul?s journey.
  • No to Fear
  • Yes to Truth
  • Yes to Love
  • Yes to Connection within and beyond, on all levels body, mind, heart and soul.

Speaking to you, the divine assistance of the Akashic Records opens a door for you to the depths of your soul, bringing forward a unique perspective for each person.

And as a master within and beyond the Akashic Records, Cheryl offers her own powerful witness and advanced capacity in multiple dimensions of soul knowing and soul healing, often moving into healing within the Soul Channel (the connection between spiritual and physical usually only accessible between physical lives).

While the process is simple, the effect of standing witness in communion can have deep and profound effects on those present even when it’s not your question. Witnessing this type of energetic release guides you to an awareness and connection with your soul’s truth and your heart’s wisdom.

How Soul Messages Works

Soul Messages are group phone calls guided by Cheryl as she works in and beyond the Akashic Records with participants.

The ease and comfort of Soul Messages is like gathering around the kitchen table for serious conversation with good friends.

Here’s what happens:

  • For all participants, Cheryl holds a sacred space and calls forward divine assistance in and beyond the Akashic Records.
  • One by one, Cheryl responds to questions from participants from the participant’s Akashic Records. Each participant may ask one question unless time allows for more.
  • You may ask a question or raise an issue about yourself or your life which you would like to understand. See the Question Guide below for the type of questions.
  • As guided by the Akashic Records and Divine Assistance, Cheryl guides and holds safe space for Soul healing and release for the individual and the group, helping you release whatever may no longer serve you. In this process, you will find healing balance and a clear path forward.
  • Questions are taken in the order of participant registration. While Cheryl will try to respond to all those with a question, sometimes it is not possible in the available time. Early registration is recommended.
  • Live Soul Messages are held as a teleconference with ways for participants around the world to phone, Skype or web phone into the call.
  • At the beginning of each Soul Message session, Cheryl offers a message to the group and a related probing question which can be asked by a participant. Though participants may ask whatever question is in his or her heart.
  • Each participant receives a copy of Soul Messages Guidebook which includes information about how to connect to the Soul Messages call.
  • Cheryl may distribute and/or sell portions or all of the recording of your Akashic Record Reading. What portions to share and how the recordings are distributed are determined solely by Cheryl and may include her website, YouTube or Facebook. In the distributed portions of the recording, Cheryl will not use, or will cut from the recording, your full name. Use of your first name may remain and may be part of the distributed recordings.

Question Guide for Soul Messages:

  • Information Questions:? What do you want to know?
  • Process Questions:? What do you want to work through to shift and understand?
  • Release Questions: Letting go of whatever stands in your way including fear, pain, trauma, anger, and limiting beliefs
  • Personal Questions: About you, your life, and your relationships.
  • Social Questions: About the world around you
  • Historical Questions: about the past, present and future of your world
  • Nature Questions: about the?environment and natural connections
  • Galactic/Universal Questions: about our universe moving into the unknown and the non-physical
  • Divine Assistance: Requests to connect with the Divine Assistance available now for you.

While responses can be given about relationships with others, questions about others cannot be answered. 
All responses are directed to the person asking the question.


Circle of Fellow Soul-Journeyers

About Soul Messages:

I enjoyed the forum of being in a circle of fellow soul-journeyers.
I learn so much from others readings and I hope that I can contribute to other’s well being in a similar fashion.
Every time I participate in Soul Messages my life seems to undergo a shift in varying degrees of significance and profundity.
I am in awe of the wisdom with which Cheryl conducts these forays into the Akashic Records.
Thank you!
N. S., Thailand

Like a Group of Friends

About Soul Messages:

Really liked your opening message, it was really apropos for my life right now.

It was nice to have, like you said, a group of friends around a table talking about important questions.

It was a really nice feeling.

LH, Hawaii

Learned So Much From Just One Question

I was really amazed how, in such a limited amount of time, I was able to learn so much from asking just one question.? Soul Messages is a nice introduction not only to Akashic Records work, but what group work in the Akashic Records makes possible.
Y. G., NYC

I felt a Kinship I Was Not Expecting

I found so much value in asking my personal questions and receiving answers that truly and profoundly transformed my experience for the better, and I was also very pleased to be able to share this process with a circle of others. I felt a kinship that I was not expecting and I feel honored to have been a part of such a gathering. I learned that the lessons that each of us are here to learn can benefit the Souls that we come into contact with, and that is such a wonderful feeling to share.
N. S., Washington

Gathered together, we are stronger both for self and for Other,
deepening understanding and expanding possibility for all.

Are you ready for your soul’s message?


All that is asked of participants:

Be open to whatever you don?t yet know.

Come ready to learn.

To Register & Participate:

Please complete the following form.

Soul Messages are offered free of charge and by donation.

Cheryl will then send you information about how to connect with the call and your copy of Soul Messages Guidebook.

Set your time zone to see available dates in your time zone.

Please note: Registrations with less than 24 hours before the event must be made by sending Cheryl a request using this Contact Form.