Soul Perspective of Energy

What can we learn from the soul perspective of energy?

When energy is viewed from the perspective of the soul, the flow of energy can be seen a very new and different light.

Chakras and meridians provide a great view from the body’s point of view.

Stepping into the soul shifts the perspective from the static and the linear to the dynamics of the infinite and eternal.

This soul perspective rises above linear, physical limitations.

This is important not just because of the expanded, deeper view.

The earth is changing.

Humanity is changing.

The agreements we have to be human on the planet are changing.

The biggest shift is that human experience will no longer be dominated by the physical and the intellectual.

Instead, the new agreement is for the depth and breadth of physical and spiritual integration.

No longer will it be necessary to leave the physical body to attain the highest levels spiritual awareness.

Instead, physical human being is learning the deepest pathways of spiritual insight.

And spiritual being is learning the highest states of physical expression.

The objective is the experience of spiritual-physical integration as a daily and moment to moment experience for human life.

To step into this integration, human beings need a perspective and understanding of energy which will support and facilitate this new state of integration.

This needed perspective comes from the soul’s point of view.

Now it is time to learn from the soul’s point of view and understand the characteristics of energy which facilitate and shift understanding of how energy works and why.

Open your mind and your heart and receive anew.

A lot of my writing comes from what and how I am aware of my inner landscape and my personal work. You can find more articles like this here: What are Mindful Moments?

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