Soul Truth Akashic Record Reading

Open to the Truth of Your Soul!

The agreements to be human on the Earth are changing. This change pushes at you to shift perspectives because the new agreement asks humanity to learn to live within full spiritual-physical integration.

Cheryl Marlene provides Soul Truth Akashic Record Readings

In the last 2000 years, to experience a high level of spiritual awareness, humans usually had to leave their bodies. With the current Earth shifts, humanity is accepting the challenge to bring the spiritual into the physical and find spiritual-physical balance and integration within the physical plane. This is HUGE — both an incredible challenge and an amazing opportunity. And because this is all so new, we don’t know what to do or how to do it!

The answer is Soul Truth.

Your soul has much to say to you about the balance and possibility of who you are and can become.

Soul Truth is the deepest expression of your soul in this physical environment. Soul Truth is the intentional support of your full physical-spiritual integration within the new form of the Earth plane.

A Soul Truth Reading from your Akashic Records allows the voice of your soul to speak to you, illuminating your path, releasing blocks, and helping you make heart and soul-focused choices for your life right now.

A Soul Truth Reading examines the journey of your life from your soul’s point of view within four perspectives of soul experience:

  • Soul Calling: the energy of your soul guiding you into a new world of full physical-spiritual integration. Read more about Soul Calling here.
  • Soul Patterns: your soul’s tendency to move in particular ways within in infinite possibility.
  • Soul Bindings: intentional or unintentional interference or disruption of the soul?s energetic flow within All That Is.
  • Soul Fragments: often the result of trauma, lost or forgotten awareness of soul truth, balance and joy.

A Soul Truth Reading with me looks at all four aspects of soul experience (calling, patterns, bindings, and fragments). Unlike a general Akashic Record Reading, a Soul Truth Reading is guided by a pre-determined set of questions for each aspect. If release work is indicated, I will work with you in the moment to release whatever no longer serves or is holding you back.

A Soul Truth Reading is two hours, done in two one-hour sessions .


Learn about your Soul’s Truth today!

$495 for two one-hour sessions

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