Soulmate is a term which denotes an acquaintance made at the soul level between two people often in a romantic sense.? While it is true that this experience is often between lovers, at a deeper level the connection is one established to create opportunity for a very deep level of learning and growth, soul to soul.? A soulmate can have many expressions beyond that of romantic partner as there are two general types of soulmates.

A soulmate for transformation supports structural shift within which may be experienced in a positive way or a challenging way or both.? This type of soulmate is often a friend, a family member, or a teacher.? Kind of like a friendly building contractor, a transformational soulmate supports the process of self-growth, the expanding awareness of self-responsibility, and the motion toward love of self.

In contrast, a transmutational soulmate pokes, prods and supports shift of the very essence of self.? Sometimes confrontational, this soulmate connects at the most profound levels and encourages, supports and witnesses the depth of your journey.? Defining Love as divine attention to the whole, the transmutational soulmate holds within the capacity to lovingly see ALL of you, who you are, and who you are becoming.? In a romantic sense the greatest expression between two transmutational soulmates is the unfettered exchange, receiving and sharing of divine love, within the context of sacred relationship.? The depth of this experience is not limited to romantic expression and often forms the basis for lifelong friendships of all varieties.

The main point:? each person doesn?t have just one soulmate.? We each have many soulmates experienced in an unlimited realm of possibility.? For example, some soulmates are both transformational and transmutational.? Like soulmates themselves, the relationship with soulmate is not meant to create limitation, instead soulmates extend possibility within deep soul awareness and divine love.

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