Spiritual Deep Dive Workshops

Intentionally-focused. Topic-oriented.

Tools, Techniques, & Know-How for Empowered Life.

Spiritual Deep Dive Workshops are highly-focused, topic-oriented classes to help you develop the tools, techniques, and know-how to create a fulfilled, happy, intentional, and empowered life.

Each workshop offers the tools needed for your spiritual journey — the HOW of spiritual practice and living an awesome life.

No matter the topic, you let go of old habits and create new strategy to feel confident within the expression of you living your best within the power of you.

The workshops don’t tell you what to do. Instead, they provide a process for you to find what works for you.

Are These Workshops for Beginners?

Like everything I share, Spiritual Deep Dive Workshops are not specifically for beginners.

Rather, these workshops are for those ready to go below the surface of their lives — no matter where you are on your path.

Besides, generally, the difference between a beginner and someone a little further down their path is experience.

Everyone, no matter their level of experience, always has something to learn.

Plus, we are all beginners in some way and we all benefit from the openness of Beginner’s Mind.

And no matter where you are in your journey, there’s something to let go and something to embrace.

Overall, these workshops are for learners open to exploring the unknown path and learning to trust your choices no mater what life dishes out.

2024 Schedule

Every Spiritual Deep Dive Workshop comes with the option of live, in-person classes each month and online course material which includes:

Audio recordings of the class sessions with transcripts.

Worksheets, questions, and writing prompts which take you step-by-step through the method and ideas Cheryl shares

Optional 15-minute Check-in with Cheryl to quickly deal with questions or concerns

Homework between sessions to immediately put your learning into practice.

Words of Personal Power Workshop by Cheryl Marlene

Begins June 13, 2024

Words of Personal Power

Spiritual Practice of Claiming Language as Power-Within

This is 24-week workshop and the third section begins in June with Power-With and the words of the Truthful Self.

If you register now, you will receive access to all the material covered to date and begin participating in the live workshops which run into September.

The cool thing about this workshop is that you can begin at any point and it will make sense to you and you will benefit immediately from the in-class, personal work.


Release Self-Judgment Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

June 12, 19 & 26 at 5pm Central

Release Self-Judgment

Most of us have serious doubts of how we aren’t good enough in some way. From the doubt comes judgment as a tyrant berating self for any and all perceived lack and imperfection.

Yes, we will discuss how fear, doubt, and expectation fuel self judgment.

More importantly, we will use a series of questions to get to your personal preferences for imposing judgment on yourself.

Maybe you are constantly and loudly in your face with your failures. Or maybe you take a stealthier, more passive route.

Whatever your habit of self-judgment, learn to call it out and take steps to release this habit which no longer serves the best of who you are and can become.

Session #1: The Energy of Judgment and the First Step: Understanding the top layers of your judgment on you and on the world; considering issues of self-worth.

Session #2: Second Step: Understanding the benefits to you of Self-Judgment; issues of not feeling safe.

Session #3: Third Step: Weaving together the understanding of release; the issues of habit.

Find the Gifts of Fear Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

June 14, 21 & 28, Friday at 1pm Central

Find the Gifts of Fear

Fear is everywhere. Out there in the world as a tool of manipulation. Inside self attempting to control and intimidate.

Because fear is a natural human response, the goal isn’t to eliminate.

Rather, the opportunity is to decide that fear doesn’t need to be the dictator of your life.

When fear arises, there is a reason, something for you to see and understand.

In the awareness of fear is a gift for you. A gift of understanding, an indication of where you can pivot, and move away from fear’s overwhelm.

The purpose of this workshop is to begin you on a path where you learn the confidence to move from react to respond and choose to no longer allow fear to rule your life.

Session #1: The Energy of Fear — conscious and unconscious aspects.

Session #2: Examining & Understanding the Gifts of Fear. Getting under the surface to what’s really going on.

Session #3: Conscious Response and the Choice of Fear. Working with the gifts of your fear.

Create & Live with Intention Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

July 10, 17 & 24 at 5pm Central

Create & Live with Intention

Intention provides direction for your life. Though intention isn’t about guarantee.

Instead, intention is a guide and a go-to check-in point when life hits bumps.

Intention works hand-in-hand with heart’s desire and the reality of life, helping you navigate your path.

In this workshop we will have these three intentions:

  • Understand the energetic nature of intention especially from the soul’s perspective,
  • Learn about setting intention, and
  • Figure out what to do when life strays from your carefully intended path.

Session #1: The Energy of Intention especially how intention is the journey and not the destination.

Session #2: Steps for Setting Intention and how not to fall into the trap of rigidity or fragility.

Session #3: Bringing Intentional Creative Expression in all of your life, particularly how you be and become.

Be Present Workshop with Cheryl Marlene

July 12, 19 & 26, Wednesday at 5pm Central

Be Present

This is not a workshop specifically about being in the present moment – though  we will definitely discuss being here, now.

This is a workshop about actually being present within the present moment.

Beyond theory, do you actually show up in this moment – and what makes presence difficult if not impossible for you?

Being present is about your awareness and how you are aware. Do you track moment to moment? Are you mindful of your presence? How do you focus on What – or do you find yourself often down the river of denial?

Subtle awareness, choice, self-belief are just some of the steps you experience in learning HOW to be present.

Session #1: Mind Tricks. Habits, beliefs, assumptions about you and your world and how all of this numbs awareness, diverts focus, and clouds presence.

Session #2: Body Wisdom. Sometimes the body knows what the mind can’t grasp. Reaction, denial, and mental and emotional blindness are just some of the ways to both be conscious and ignorant of the body wisdom’s present moment awareness.

Session #3: Joy and Awe. Connection with positive experience and learning even if crappy events open the door to the joy and awe of personal presence.


Spiritual Deep Dive Workshops

Knowing how to connect with the Akashic Records is NOT required for any of these workshops.

Spiritual Practice How To Workshops are included in the Akashic Records Intensive with no additional charge. Intensive students may use these register buttons to be included in the workshop by choosing the Intensive Student option or use the scheduling links on your Account page.

Each class is two hours and begins at 5pm Central, USA. We meet once a week for 3 weeks.

All classes are recorded and the reading material is provided online.

After the live class has concluded the workshop is available as a self-paced course.

All class meetings are held via Zoom and are accessible wherever you are located by phone, tablet, or computer.

Workshop tuition is your choice — one you make when you register.

Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation of all workshop dates and will receive a reminder 24 hours before each class.

Course & Intensive FAQs

First know that all Intensives have rolling admissions and being when you are ready to begin. I work out a plan of study for you and work you into the schedule according to your availability and desired study pace.

Course Calendar: here is a chronological list of all courses and classes, month by month.

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A registered student is someone who is either enrolled the Akashic Records Intensive. Or someone who has registered in either of the two Akashic Records introductory courses: Akashic Records for You or Akashic Records for Other.

A registered student is also someone enrolled in any of the Personal Power Workshops

Additionally, there are those who are learning with me through my books, especially Akashic Records Masterclass. I consider these folks as students as well -- though they might not be registered formally in a course.

All Personal Power Workshops are open for registration to everyone and do not require the ability to connect with the Akashic Records.

The introductory Akashic Records courses and all Akashic Records Monthly Group Workshops are included in the Akashic Records Intensive AND can also be purchase one by one.

Any course listed in the Self-Paced Course Library is available to anyone -- though the Akashic Records courses assume you have studied Cheryl's approach to connecting with the Akashic Records.

Advanced Akashic Records courses are open to non-Intensive students who have successfully passed the Challenge Exams.

Support is available during all live, in-person workshops and masterclasses. Just ask!

For Intensive students, there is a no-charge 15-minute checkin which can be schedule to speak privately with Cheryl.

Akashic Record Readings are available at an additional charge. For ongoing support and direct learning, registering for the One-on-One Mentorship is highly recommended.

Every live, in-person class, course, and workshop provides downloadable audio recordings with automated, written transcripts of all live, in-person classes. Videos come with captioning. Plus, captioning is available on Zoom. If you have needs not met here, please reach out to support@cherylmarlene.com.

For Intensive, there are no refunds of the monthly membership fee -- though you may cancel at any time.

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To receive lifetime access to any course, you must have completed all required and contracted payments.

All live, in-person workshops and masterclasses are held via Zoom. When you register for a course, you receive the connection link in the confirmation and 24-hour reminder emails.

You will need a reliable internet connection, preferably video-enabled, a relatively quiet space, and an openness to engage in online spaces.

Registered students have access to the online course or the Student Archive where all workshop and masterclass recordings are stored for future student use.

Akashic Records: Students must be 18 years or older, be willing to engage in online spaces, work independently and under self-initiative, and ask question when troubles or concerns arise.

Students are also required to only use Cheryl's Akashic Records approach and process during classes, abide by the Agreements made with the Akashic Records, maintain confidentiality within the workshop space, and be respectful of all participants.

We are happy to help! Please reach out to support using our contact form. Response is usually within one to two business days.